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Los Angeles Warrants Criminal Lawyer

Los Angeles Warrants Criminal Lawyer

There are several reasons for a judge to issue a warrant against someone: they may have been accused of a crime, or be in contempt of court, or be the subject of a police or government investigation. However, the warrants that are issued most often are called “bench warrants” — these warrants are meant to signify that a defendant did not appear in court, and is subject to mandatory arrest and seizure by the next officer to confront them. Other common warrants include arrest warrants and no-bail warrants.

Bench Warrants

Bench warrants are issued to people accused of a variety of different crimes: serious felonies and simple misdemeanors alike can be followed by the issuance of a bench warrant if the accused fails to show up at court. Bench warrants can create serious problems for people, particularly those accused of a small, insignificant crime or those who are unaware of criminal or civil proceedings against themselves. Law enforcement can take it upon themselves to arrest someone with a bench warrant on their record at any time — even during a routine traffic stop, or during an unrelated interview. Bench warrant court appearances can be avoided by paying bail fees or having a lawyer appear in court on behalf of his or her client.

Arrest Warrants and No-Bail Warrants

Arrest warrants and no-bail warrants are issued in more serious cases. Typically, law enforcement acts immediately on arrest warrants, rather than waiting for an organic opportunity like with bench warrants. Arrest warrants allow officers to enter private property without a search warrant, and they can be used to bring in dangerous criminals who are difficult to locate. No-bail warrants are even more serious: arrest warrants contain a bail amount that, if paid, releases the suspect from custody, but no-bail warrants do not contain this allowance.

How a Law Firm Can Help

When you are served with a bench warrant, it is always best to retain the services of a lawyer who is well-studied in warrant law and has experience dealing with judges and court officials in the region. Early intervention by an attorney is the easiest way for a warrant to be recalled: many attorneys can successfully argue that the warrant was issued because of a misunderstanding, or that the court did not grant proper notification of the trial’s onset. Law firms have relationships with certain judges, and many firms have successfully argued that long-term warrants are a violation of proper court procedure. Different courthouses enforce bench warrants in different manners, and only a practiced legal team knows which enforcement regimes can be exploited.

In some situations, like for minor misdemeanor and technical infraction cases, a lawyer can actually show up to the warrant court hearing in lieu of his or her client showing up. Bench and arrest warrant lawyers are able to swiftly and decisively settle outstanding warrant matters, and they can even take further steps to expunge the warrant from your record. Having a lawyer present for your hearing is also obviously beneficial when the warrant is for a more serious crime or felony — most citizens do not have the practical knowledge or wherewithal to defend themselves in a court of law. They need the guidance and experience of a legal team to help recall a warrant and move forward with the case.

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If you have been issued a bench warrant, an arrest warrant, or a no-bail warrant in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, contact a proven warrant lawyer today for a consultation. The legal team will plan the path forward and chart a course to the eventual recall of the warrant.

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