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Los Angeles Vehicle Code Crimes Lawyers

If America has a “Land Of Cars”, then clearly, it’s California. And if that “Land of Cars” has a capitol, it clearly has to be Los Angeles, with well over five million registered drivers. That’s more drivers than are on the rolls in many states! And it will probably surprise no one that with that many drivers in a comparatively small area, the city has ended up with outsized motor vehicle problems. In response, Los Angeles now has one of the nation’s toughest motor vehicle conduct codes. Chapter 10.4, Vehicles And Traffic Code is the vehicle and traffic playbook for both the city and county of Los Angeles, and this code has more than one hundred and sixty sections, many of which have been amended at least once. These sections cover a vast array of topics, with transporting dogs in open vehicles, and speed limits going over speed bumps on private streets among them.

Given the length of this code document, and the admittedly dry reading that it contains, it’s not surprising that many Los Angeles drivers are unaware that they are breaking the law every time that they pull away from a curb or out of a driveway. But this is nothing to take lightly. A violation of any one of those sections or amendments could result in being pulled over by law enforcement. And while that stop most likely won’t result in handcuffs or a trip to the station, it could have serious consequences just the same for Los Angeles area drivers.

If you are in violation of one of the sections of Chapter 10.4 and you are issued a citation, a point or points are placed by the Department of Motor Vehicles on your driver’s license. Almost all auto insurance companies penalize “pointed” drivers, but it’s much worse than that. If a Los Angeles area driver earns a certain amount of points on his or her license, the license can be suspended, or even permanently revoked. Many people might agree that a deliberately reckless or habitually drunken driver deserves those points, but some of the criteria for assigning those points might surprise drivers. Tailgating, being distracted by a driver, having items in the vehicle that could potentially block your view, and having vehicle brakes and/or lights that are in questionable working order are among the many code violations that can earn a driver a point on his or her license. Receiving an out of state traffic ticket can also result in a point being placed on a license. And when a driver reaches:

  • four points within one year
  • six points within two years
  • eight points within three years

then a driver’s license can be suspended for six months, a lifetime in the car culture of Los Angeles. Points for relatively minor traffic offenses don’t go away once a suspension has been served. They generally remain on a license for three years.

More Serious Offenses
Repeat drunk driving offenses, certain traffic violations, hit and run accidents, drag racing, traveling at speeds over one hundred miles per hour, and driving on a suspended or revoked license earn a driver two points on a license. These types of points generally stay on a license for ten years.

Help With Code Violations
Paying for a traffic violation does not remove points from your license. Instead, it’s recommended that those who have been issued these citations fight them with the assistance of an attorney. An experienced lawyer can:

  • have tickets dismissed because of errors
  • plea-bargain better outcome for clients
  • keep clients from being taken advantage of by prosecutors and judges

Everyone makes mistakes, but why should yours cost you the loss of your vehicle? Call us today, and learn how we can keep you on the road despite vehicle code woes!

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