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Los Angeles Unemployment Insurance Fraud Lawyers

Unemployment fraud is a severe condition in which the state is accusing you of obtaining benefits in an in appropriate manner. The crime can end up costing you more than you bargained for if a judge convicts you. You certainly do not want to take a conviction for this crime if you are innocent. Therefore, you must contact a Los Angeles unemployment lawyer right away so that he or she can get started on your case. You have no time to waste because you are dealing with a very heavy criminal offense.

Unemployment Benefit Fraud

The basis of an unemployment fraud case is that you somehow received benefits to which you were not entitled. One way that you can receive unemployment benefits unlawfully is by working under the table and not reporting your income. Another way that you can collect unemployment benefits unlawfully is by lying on the application. Creating a fictitious employer or being dishonest about the reason that you are no longer working for the company are examples of fraudulent activities. Furthermore, you can receive a fraud charge for faking your job searches. Benefits are contingent upon sincere job search efforts. You are committing fraud if you claim that you are looking for a job and are not.

A fraud charge does not have to come from a situation that pays you benefits. You can still receive a charge even if you never received any benefits. You can receive a fraud charge if the processor finds something abnormal or suspicious about your claim and initiates an investigation. You are facing tough times if you are facing a fraud charge for unemployment benefits. You will need an experienced attorney who can truly fight for your rights and your freedom.

Penalties for Unemployment Insurance Fraud

The penalty for the crime of unemployment fraud depends on factors such as your criminal history and the case specifics. The prosecutor can charge you with the crime as a misdemeanor or a felony. The misdemeanor charge can land you up to one year in jail with a $20,000 fine. A felony conviction can land you in jail for up to three years. Either conviction will cause you problems in the area getting a job and a stable home. You will need a reliable attorney who can help you fight this horrific charge.

How an Attorney Works for You

An attorney can assist you with your unemployment fraud case by looking at all the facts in an objective manner. This person will then look at the details strategically and try to get an early dismissal. If a dismissal is not possible, then the attorney will aim for the next goal, which is a full-blown acquittal. You have several options for a defense of this crime. You can plead ignorance, or you can express to the prosecuting party that you did not intend to defraud the state for benefits. The attorney will work hard to have you excused from this embarrassing accusation.

Help Is a Phone Call Away

Help is a phone call away. You do not have to go through facing a criminal charge like unemployment fraud on your own. Contact our office and schedule an appointment with one of Los Angeles’s finest criminal defense attorneys. Your Meeting with the attorney can mean the difference between being free and being in jail. You can find out how our lawyers can help you by calling to schedule your consultation. You may come in today and have a strategy that works for you by tomorrow.

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