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Los Angeles Unauthorized Practice of Law Lawyers

Many individuals who have not attended law school do not realize that the crime of practicing law with a license from the American Bar Association is a severe crime. Additionally, if a current law student or recent law graduate practices law without a license from the American Bar Association, there is also many sanctions that can affect that individual’s potential to be an attorney in the future.

What is important to understand about the unauthorized practice of law is that it is not permitted to provide any form of legal counsel without a license from the American Bar Association. This license is obtained by passing the Bar Exam in the state of California and by completing a Juris Doctorate degree. That being said, the state of California also allows applicants to the Bar to be licensed attorneys who have not completed a Juris Doctorate degree to practice if they are able to pass the Bar Exam without attending law school. Thus, any individual who provides legal advice, guidance or suggests any form of legal counsel to an individual or business can and will be sanctioned under California state law. Additionally, for those who are training to be attorneys and have not passed the Bar Exam as of yet, these sanctions are particularly detrimental to your future prospects of being an attorney because you will be required to attend many disciplinary hearing with the American Bar Association before you will be permitted to practice law in the future.

If you have been charged with the unauthorized practice of law in the state of California, then it is highly recommended that you reach out to our firm for legal counsel. The reason for this is that our firm specializes in combating these sorts of charges if there truly was an error or misunderstanding in the nature that they charges were given. By obtaining legal counsel, you can be sure that your case will be handled eloquently and properly so that you do not have to pay fines or lose your potential to be a legally practicing attorney for many years to come.

The best way to retain the services of our firm is to set up a consolation appointment in which one of our associates goes over the facts that are specific to your individual case. This way, a determination can be made as to whether your case is the correct fit for our law firm at this time. Once it has been determined that your case is going to be the right fit, you can decide to retain our legal services by signing a retainer agreement. Within this agreement, you agree to pay a specific price and we agree to carry out your legal representation as your legal counsel until the conclusion of your legal matter. Thus, if you are being charged with the unauthorized practice of law, please reach out to our firm so that you do not have to represent yourself pro se. This will lead to a much swifter and seamless resolution to your case so that you may move on to your future endeavors with ease.

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