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Los Angeles Selling or Giving Marijuana to a Minor

California has one of the most controversial marijuana policies in the country. The reason for this controversy is that California has one of the most liberal policies on how consumers can have access to marijuana that does not exist in other states. That being said, there are relevant restrictions to marijuana use and distribution that exist in California and should be understood by those who are living or traveling there.

According to California Health and Safety Code 11360, it is strictly prohibited to give away, sell, import into the state of California or transport for sale any amount of marijuana. Where these laws get complicated is when there is a sale to a minor involved.
The section of the California Health and Safety Code that applies to the sale of marijuana to a minor is California Health and Safety Code 11361. California Health and Safety Code 11361 states that it is a felony for an individual that is 18 years or older to sell marijuana to a minor. Additionally, it also makes it illegal and a felony to use a minor to unlawfully: carry, transport, give away, administer, sell, furnish, peddle or prepare for sale any quantity of marijuana. Furthermore, if the minor involved in the transaction is under the age of 14 years old, the punishment becomes more severe in that it ranges from periods such as: three, five or seven potential years in a California state prison for the offender who recruited the minor to conduct their business involving marijuana with them. Lastly, if the minor is over the age of 14 years old, but still less than 18 years of age, the punishment outlined in the statute is three, four or even five potential years served in a California state prison.

If you are currently facing a charge in connection with selling a minor marijuana or having a minor transport any quantity of marijuana, or dispensary supplies, for commerce on your behalf, it is essential that you retain counsel to represent you. The reason for this is that by doing so, you have a legal mind to sort through the facts of your case and find any potential solutions that could prospectively make your sentence less severe. Granted, that a judge is not going to be in your favor if you involved a minor in your illegal drug selling activities, having an attorney is essential for you to have a chance at successful resolving your legal matter.

Our firm specializes in representing clients connected with many different charges involving the illegal sale, possession, and distribution of marijuana. The best way to ascertain whether our firm is a proper fit for your upcoming legal case is to contact us to schedule a consultation appointment. By doing so, you will be able to tell one of our associate attorneys the pertinent facts of your case and they will ascertain whether our firm can take on your case at this time. Once we decide that your case is a good fit for our firm, you can decide whether to sign a retainer agreement in which you agree to pay a specific price for our legal services. Thus, do not hesitate to contact us today regarding your upcoming legal matter. We would be elated to assist you.

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