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Los Angeles Second Time DUI

You are facing some mandatory elements if you are facing a second charge for driving under the influence in Los Angeles. Every state in the United States takes DUI offenses to heart because they claim so many lives each year. You need a reliable and experienced Los Angeles DUI attorney to help you with the situation you are facing. Our firm specializes in a wide variety of criminal offenses, including driving under the influence of a drug or alcoholic beverage. Do not attempt to handle such a charge alone. Call us and get started on your defense immediately.

What Is a Second-Time DUI?

A second-time DUI offense in the state of California is a charge for driving under the influence of alcohol that is within 10 years of a previous offense of the same type. Driving under the influence of alcohol occurs when a driver has a blood alcohol level that is higher than .08 percent. The authorities consider commercial drivers to be under the influence when their blood alcohol level is more than .04 percent. People who are under the age of 21 years old are DUI when they drive with a blood alcohol level of more than .01 percent.

What Are the Penalties for a Second-Time DUI?

A conviction of a second-time DUI calls for immediate jail time. If convicted, you will have to serve a jail term of at least 96 hours. A judge may order you to spend up to one year in jail, however. The fine that you will have to pay may be as high as $1,000. You will lose your driving privileges for up to two years, as well. Furthermore, you will have a criminal record, and your insurance rates will be sky high when you finally do have your driving privileges restored.

Another penalty that the judge may impose on you is the installation of a Ignition Interlock Device. The device prevents your vehicle from starting until you have taken a Breathalyzer test. It may start once you take the Breathalyzer test if you are not under the influence of alcohol. The device records the results every time you take the test, and it sends them to people like probation officer. You could open yourself up for a new charge if you fail the Breathalyzer test with an IID device.

How Can an Attorney Help?

An attorney can help you in a number of ways and in all phases of the DUI process. First, the attorney can lend you a comforting ear and listen to your story. He or she can then gather evidence about the crime of which you are being accused. Secondly, the attorney can search for administrative and procedural errors on the prosecuting side.

An attorney can work with you if you receive a conviction for second-time DUI. The lawyer may be able to convince the judge to give you the minimum mandatory sentence for the crime or provide you with an alternative way to serve the sentence. The attorney can request that the judge reduce your driver’s license suspension to one year instead of two years, as well.

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