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Los Angeles Real Estate & Mortgage Fraud Lawyers

Los Angeles Real Estate & Mortgage Fraud Lawyers

One of the biggest ticket things that you will ever sign on the dotted line for is a home. In Los Angeles, CA, even the cheapest of homes may start in the mid hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is quite common for some attractive neighborhoods in desirable areas to start at one million. Despite the high home cost, Los Angeles and its surrounding areas remain a popular place to reside and purchase a home.

Embellishment on mortgage documents

Much like getting your dream job, you may be tempted to embellish your qualifications in order to receive a mortgage loan. Due to the extensive paperwork required to get a home, this can include a number of methods. Some individuals will embellish their income in order to receive a mortgage by fudging paperwork or increasing their income via tax documents. This can cause an approval for a higher mortgage than would be approved if true income was reported, which is considered mortgage fraud.

Little white lie loans

Some smaller issues that would ordinarily just be seen as a little white lie constitute mortgage fraud as well. For instance, if you receive a financial gift in order to purchase a home, most mortgage lenders will request that you get it in writing that the money being provided does not have to be paid back. Some individuals may take a loan from family, but produce a paper saying that the money was a gift. Many new home buyers do not see this as an issue, given that they can pay their family back privately and still pay off their mortgage at the same time.

We help with accusals

If you have been accused of mortgage fraud, there is a process that the prosecuting office will need to go through in order to determine this was fraud. First, they will have to verify that you provided signed and sworn information while knowing that it was false. Second, they will need to determine that it was you who provided the false information. If you have been accused of mortgage fraud, our law firm in can help you with these particular accusations. We will go over the evidence that the prosecuting office has presented to determine if there is enough evidence to proceed with a case. Much of the time, information for mortgages documents pass through many hands. This may include a mortgage broker, mortgage loan officers, and bank processors. It will have to be determined that you made a mistake and not one of the many other hands. We may be able to help prove your case before it even gets to pre-trial conference.

Terminology matters

The terminology and wording on official documents make a difference when it comes to accusations of mortgage fraud. If you have a stated income loan and you have a job where your income fluctuates, it is possible to overstate unknowingly. In order to prosecute you for fraud, you must act in a knowing manner to defraud the bank. If you have been accused of real estate or mortgage fraud, we will take on your case with a heavy hand and go over all documents with a fine tooth comb. Call us as soon as you receive legal notice and we will start preparing a case that will go in your favor.

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