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Los Angeles Prostitution Lawyers

August 19, 2016 Uncategorized

Most people know vaguely what the act of prostitution entails. Prostitution is one of the oldest forms of making money, and the act has been depicted in stories, books, movies and television for many years. But prostitution means something very specific in legal terms. According to United States law, prostitution is the act of offering sexual services in return for some form of compensation.

What are the exact stipulations of a prostitution exchange?

The compensation for a sexual act does not have to be actual money. It could be other services or goods as well. For example, the trade of sexual services for free rent in an apartment building is a form of prostitution. In most American states, the party who is offering the sexual services does not even have to actually carry out the sexual services. As long as they agree to carry out these services, they are considered to be engaging in prostitution.

Who are prostitutes?

A prostitute can be a male or a female. Most often, people think of prostitutes as women who stand on street corners and call out to men driving by. This is only one form of prostitution. The act of prostitution can take place in a strip club, with a phone sex agency, in brothels or massage parlors, alongside pornography or in international or domestic sex trafficking.

Who can be charged with prostitution?

Both parties in an arrangement involving prostitution can be considered liable for the crime. People who pay or offer other goods or services to prostitutes are often called “Johns” in the courtroom. If these Johns are prosecuted, they may face charges of prostitution solicitation. Middlemen can also be charged. These individuals are often called pimps, and they are known to arrange the transactions between Johns and prostitutes.

What exactly is a pimp?

A pimp may be called many different things, but at the core, a pimp is someone who sets up the exchange of sexual acts and payment between a person in prostitution and a John. The pimp tends to be male, but there are female pimps as well. The pimp takes a cut of the money, services or goods that are being transacted.

Can someone who is offering sexual services be raped?

Yes. If a man or woman who starts out as a prostitute decides that they do not want to carry out the sexual acts they may have offered, or if the acts go too far for them, they can say no. When an individual says no to sex but is forced to go through with a sexual act anyway, this is rape. It doesn’t matter if they consistently engage in sexual acts. Many prostituted women are raped, but they are often too scared to go to the hospital or the police because they think they will be charged with prostitution. Approximately 80% of prostituted women have been the subject of rape.

If you are involved in prostitution and want to get out, there are resources for you. Women’s centers will help females or males who want to get out of the prostitution ring and start their lives over again.

Prostitution is a crime taken very seriously in Los Angeles, but it’s not one many people fully understand. According to Penal Code 647(b) PC in California, prostitution is not just the act of selling your body to another person in exchange for money. It’s also a penal code that reaches to the customer as well. If you agree to sell your body, take or pay money to someone else as an exchange for sex, or you offer to perform for money, you are guilty of prostitution in California. The penalties are serious, and you could use an attorney if you are arrested and charged with prostitution.

What is Prostitution?

It’s commonly believed prostitution only applies to the man or woman selling their own body for money, but it’s also the customer who is offering money for the act.

– Anyone who pays or accepts money in exchange for any sexual favors
– Anyone who offers to engage in the act of performing or paying for sexual favors
– Anyone who makes a verbal agreement to pay or perform sexual favors for money

Both the prostitute and the person who pays the prostitute are now guilty of prostitution, and both face serious penalties for their crime. However, the law can be confusing. If a man offers a woman money for having sex and she says no thank you to him, he is guilty of prostitution even though she did not take his money and she did not perform any sexual acts. If she took his money, they’re both guilty.

Penalties for Prostitution in California

The penalties vary based on the circumstances in each case. Typically, the penalties are given based on the number of offenses you have for the same act. If you are a first-time offender, you’re going to face up to six months in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000.

If this is not your first offense, the penalties are a little more serious. You’re facing 45 mandatory days in jail for your second offense, and that time is increased to 90 days if you are a third-time repeat offender. This is in addition to the penalties you’d face if you were a first-time offender.

If you are found guilty of engaging in prostitution in a car or you were less than 1,000 feet of someone’s home, you lose your driver’s license for one month or it’s restricted for up to six months. The penalties are serious in California.

Legal Defense Against Prostitution

Sometimes there are accusations made but no crime was committed. For example, if a man slides a woman a $20 bill at a bar to pay for her drinks and says this is for last night, it might be overheard by a police officer and both are arrested. If that man was your boyfriend or a good friend and you’re joking, it’s nothing more than a mistake. This is also called lack of intent.

Other legal defenses include police entrapment, lack of trustworthy evidence, and insufficient evidence. If you’re arrested for this crime in California, you should call an attorney right away to discuss your rights. You might not be guilty of prostitution, and you might not know how to get out of this crime without making things worse or accidentally incriminating yourself for another crime.

Prostitution is not just sexual intercourse, either. It’s also any lewd act or sexual act that is performed in any capacity. Even if you agree to show a man a certain body part for a fee, you are both guilty of prostitution. The law is often confusing for those who don’t know much about it, which is why some people end up being arrested for a crime they aren’t sure they even committed.

If you are arrested and charged with prostitution, call an attorney. An attorney will walk you through the steps to ensure the police did their job correctly, they gather evidence, review statements, and they work to provide you with a solid defense. You might be cleared of all charges or see the penalties reduced if your attorney knows he or she can negotiate on your behalf. You should call as soon as you’re arrested.



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