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Los Angeles Prostitution Defense Lawyers

June 21, 2016 Uncategorized

Los Angeles Prostitution Defense Lawyers

It seems the areas of Beverly Hill and Los Angeles are being overrun by prostitutes and the police are cracking down. Due to the outcry from the public, the “world’s oldest profession” is not as easy to work anymore. If you or someone you know has been caught for prostitution, you need legal help. Tougher laws mean harsh penalties for those caught. Having an effective legal defense could mean the difference between probation and serving jail time. What does a prostitution charge mean in Los Angeles?

Is It Solicitation or Prostitution?

There are two various terms that are used in the courts when a person is charged with attempting to or engaging in a sexual act. Solicitation means to solicit for sex, and prostitution means to actually take money for sexual favors. The California courts tend to lump it all under prostitution charges. The exact laws can be found in the California code 647(b). Both the one soliciting and the one who is willing to pay can both be charged in the court system.

Why Is Prostitution Illegal?

In most areas around the country, prostitution is illegal. In fact, Nevada is the only state that allows brothels to operate legally. Whether it is legal or illegal, there is a great deal of money made from this profession. Many people have the misconception that prostitutes are uneducated, drug seeking, poor people that are living from deal to deal. Actually, the underground drug world is very sophisticated and some of the highest madams can make a small fortune. In the United States, it is estimated that the average hooker can make over $200 an hour or $1,200 a month working part time.

Defenses That Can Help

If you have been caught for escort service/prostitution, you may think that all is lost. However, there are some defenses that we can use to help get your case thrown out of court or sentence reduced. For instance, if you were caught during a sting where an officer posed as a person looking for a night fun, entrapment may be a legal defense. Entrapment basically means that a person was being coerced into doing something that was illegal. If the officer kept trying to get you to engage in activities when you said not, the entrapment argument can be used.

Sometimes in these cases, there is insufficient evidence. The evidence can be circumstantial or we can argue that all elements needed for a charge were not met. Though the charges under prostitution are a misdemeanor, all prior offenses are figured into the equation for custody and probation time. While prostitution may not be an automatic prison sentence, human trafficking, and more serious sexual crimes are felonies.

Never Show Up To Court Alone

These charges will follow you for life. If you have a job and ever need a background check, you will not want potential employers to find such charges. We can help you to reduce or overturn your charges. There is never a reason to fight this battle alone. We will stand beside you throughout your entire battle. The difference in those who have legal counsel and those who do not is not hard to see. If you have a legal defender, in most cases you get a better deal that those who face the judge alone. Since Los Angeles is cracking down on these cases, even first-time offenders can find themselves in serious trouble.

If you have been charged with prostitution, call us today! Whatever you do, do not show up to court alone. You need someone instructing you on what you can and cannot say.



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