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Los Angeles Presence During Unlawful Controlled Substance Use

Have you recently been accused of presence during unlawful controlled substance use? If so, then you might be feeling a little confused as to what you should do next. Your first step is to refuse to speak to anyone about your case, including family and friends. No matter your intention, anything you say will likely cause more harm than good. Your next step is to learn about the crime of which you are being accused so that you can decide on your best defense. Although facing these charges can be stressful, it’s important you remain calm so that you can avoid making mistakes and jeopardizing your case.

Presence Explained

Most people believe drug charges can only result from using or selling a controlled substance, but that is not true. Being near someone while they engage in illegal controlled substance use is enough for prosecutors to file charges. You can also face charges if you encourage another person to use a controlled substance illegally. Avoiding situations in which others are engaged in illegal drug use is the best option, but your focus needs to be on consulting a legal team if you are already facing charges.

Possible Penalties

You can face up to six months in jail for being present while someone else illegally uses a controlled substance, but you might be eligible to receive a lesser sentence depending on your situation. If convicted, you won’t always spend time in jail, but in that case, you will likely be required to complete a drug treatment program. Also, you could be placed in a drug diversion program if this is your first offense. If you complete the program successfully, then your charges will be dropped and removed from your criminal record.

Possible Defenses

When you are accused of presence during unlawful controlled substance use, you have several defense options. Although difficult, you could have your charges dropped if you can prove you did not know about the illegal drug use. The strength of this defense will depend on the circumstances of the arrest and the statements of the police officers who were involved. Another possible defense involves taking the stance that you did not assist with the drug use in any way. When facing these charges, some people opt to take a plea deal so that they will only be required to enter the diversion program, having their charges dropped after completion. However, only an experienced legal team can help you decide what choice is best for you.

We Can Help

Facing drug charges is enough to cause anyone to feel discouraged, but you don’t have to face this problem alone. Give our legal team a call so that we can get started building your case right away, giving you the best possible defense. Once you enlist our services, we will start looking through the details of your case immediately so that we can help you decide what steps to take next. You will have us by your side every step of the way so that you can have the best odds of achieving your desired outcome.

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