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Posted By max soni, On June 23, 2016

If you have received a citation for posting harmful information on the Internet, then someone has accused you of indirect cyber harassment. Cyber harassment involves harming someone over the Internet. The law views cyber harassment with the same severity that it views in-person harassment. The offense of which you have been accused can be recognized by penal code PC 653.2 , and it carries a jail term and heavy fines. One of our Los Angeles attorneys can assist you with a proper defense strategy so that this citation does not ruin your life. Our firm has years of experience with similar charges.

What Is Posting Harmful Information on the Internet?

Posting harmful information on the Internet consists of placing threatening, defamatory or personal information online with the intention of damaging someone. The crime must have malicious intent, meaning that you purposely put the information online to make the victim feel shameful or threatened. You may be guilty if you intended to make other people angry toward the person, as well. The medium that you use to post the malicious material can one of many mediums. The posted material can be on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, a random forum or a personal blog.

Examples of Posting Harmful Information on the Internet

Many examples of posting harmful information on the Internet exist. One such example is openly writing on your blog that you are going to physically harm someone. Another example is posting on Facebook that your ex-wife begged to get back with you even though you are now remarried. The first post is threatening. The second post is harmful because it can destroy the ex-wife’s character and incite other people to be angry with that person.

The Penalties for Posting Harmful Information on the Internet

The maximum amount of jail time that you can receive for indirect cyber harassment is one year in jail. Fines of up to $1,000 may also apply. Additionally, your reputation and your livelihood may be tarnished because you will have problems finding work in the future. The criminal charge will stick with you for the rest of your life. You can protect your integrity and your reputation by contacting one of our lawyers and speaking with him or her about the charge you are facing. You will be glad that you took the time to do such.

How an Attorney Can Assist You

A criminal defense attorney is on the scene to defend you. The main duty of this person is to get you out of the charge either by way of an approved dismissal or an acquittal. The judge may dismiss a case in a situation in which the arresting officer does not follow proper protocol during the arrest. An acquittal is a ruling of your innocence after all evidence is brought forth by all parties. Those are the goals of a dedicated defense attorney. However, an attorney can also help you to receive a lesser sentence if you receive a conviction.

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