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Los Angeles Possession Lawyers

There are many concerns for anyone that is caught by the authorities while having possession of illegal substances, and if you have been caught, you need to hire a criminal lawyer that has experience with drug crimes. A lot of the defense evidence and information that will be needed for your case is still fresh in your mind and apparent within hours after the arrest, so you need to consult with a lawyer immediately to go over what happened.


If you are only being charged for having possession of the drugs, this is much better than having possession with the intent to sell. This will be easier for your lawyer to defend, and the consequences will be less severe.


Possible Defense Strategies


The lawyer is going to look for mistakes the authorities made when they caught you with these drugs for your case. If you didn’t have a medical need for the drugs or a prescription from a physician, here are some of the mistakes the lawyer hopes to find:


  • Entrapment
  • Incorrect officer procedure and behavior
  • Illegal search
  • Flawed lab results
  • Setup


It’s best to keep quiet until your lawyer can make a statement with you and to not say anything if you are arrested or brought in for questioning. Anything you say could ruin your defense. If your lawyer thinks they can get the charges completely dropped because of evidence, you may be able to avoid having this incident on your record completely.


Potential Charges


You want to know the charges you could be facing. The charges can vary based on if the possession is your first offense or if you’ve had others. A fine for the possession and jail time are common for this type of crime. The judge may also require you to take substance abuse classes or attend support groups.


If you don’t have any evidence for a strong defense and your lawyer thinks guilt is a certainty, you may want to work out a plea bargain. The plea bargain will require you to plead guilty to some type of charge, and then your lawyer works out a deal to get you a reduced charge and reduced punishments. If you have previous offenses, the plea bargain may be the best option.


A drug charge on your personal record, and a misdemeanor offense, could lead to a lot of problems when you want to apply for a job, or even if you are yet to apply to college. Working and investing the time to fight charges is your best option, opposed to hoping the judge will side with you on your own, and an experienced criminal law professional will work to get you the best possible results.


If you were picked up on charges of possession and you don’t think the authorities have enough evidence to prove that the drugs were yours, or that they were unlawful in their search and treatment methods, hiring a lawyer fast could be the difference of you walking away or going to jail and facing fines.

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