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Los Angeles Possession for Sales Lawyers

Getting caught with illegal substances is a legal problem that has bad enough consequences, but getting caught and charged with the intent to sell is much worse. If you were caught with drugs and the authorities are claiming that you had the intent to sell the drugs that were with you, you want to talk with a lawyer as quickly as possible. You also need to hold all statements to the police.


A criminal lawyer that has worked with drug dealing cases in the past can look at the police reports, the arrest, and your case to figure out the best tactic for defense. Here are a few things to understand about the case.


Possession vs Intent to Sell


A possession charge can entail a fine, time in jail based on how much you had on you or the type of drugs you had, probation, volunteer hours and drug education assignments. Adding the intent to sell onto the charge could turn the problem from a misdemeanor charge to a felony, it could land you in prison, and you could end up with the charges on your personal record for a lifetime. If you were pulled over and these charges were the result of an automobile search, you could be facing driving punishments as well.


Creating a Defense


The strategy for the defense is going to be determined by the amount of drugs you had on you, and how the police caught you. Here are a few things that lawyer may try to use as a defense:


  • Authority entrapment
  • There wasn’t enough drugs to sell profitably
  • The police enforced illegal search methods
  • The drugs were for personal use only
  • The lab had flawed results
  • There was a prescription for the drugs


Once you tell the lawyer how you were caught with the drugs, what the officers did, and where the drugs were taken, it will be easier for them to compile your defense.


Fighting an Obvious Crime


If there is no way that you can get out of the possession charges, since they were with you or in your car, you can still try to get the charges dropped so you don’t have the intent to sell on your record. The lawyer can work a plea deal so you admit some guilt, while avoiding the rest of the charges. This provides a variety of benefits like:


  • Reducing your time in jail and avoiding prison
  • Getting probation instead of jail time
  • Having a misdemeanor that goes off your record in time
  • Not being seen as a drug dealer when the charges are published in the paper


If you haven’t ever faced any type of drug charges, it will be easier for your lawyer to work out a plea, and to show that this was your first time making a mistake. If you have several drug charges or issues with the law, your lawyer may want you to enroll into a drug rehabilitation program to show the judge and prosecution you’re ready for a change.


If you were caught with drugs and the authorities want to take you down as a dealer, hire a lawyer right away so you can get the least amount of charges possible. The sooner you get an attorney, the sooner they can get the evidence needed for your defense.

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