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Los Angeles Petty Theft With a Prior Lawyers

Los Angeles Petty Theft With a Prior Lawyers


You may be wondering if you, a family member or friend needs the representation of an attorney for a charge of petty theft. The brief answer to the question is yes, especially if you have prior convictions for similar crimes. The devastation that comes from a theft conviction is far greater than any financial inconvenience you may have for hiring an attorney. You would be wise to schedule an appointment with an honorable lawyer before you go into a court room for a petty theft charge. A Los Angeles petty theft can assist you in many ways.

What Is Petty Theft?

The crime of petty theft is taking property, goods or cash that does not belong to the person who took it. What separates petty theft from the larger crime of grand theft is the value of the property. A petty theft occurs when someone takes something that has a value of $950 or less. Grand theft occurs when the crime is more than $950.

The Penalty for Petty Theft

The penalties for petty theft vary depending on the amount of money that the crime involves. Thefts that are less than $50 may be excused with a simple infraction and a $250 fine. All other cases of petty theft are punishable with up to $1,000 in fines and six months in jail. No one should assume that a criminal who steals property that is valued at less than $950 is automatically getting placed in the misdemeanor category. The person may still receive a felony charge. The crime classification depends on the person who is making the charge. You can consult with an attorney to maximize your chances of receiving a dismissal or acquittal.

Petty Theft With Prior Convictions

Prior convictions can throw shade on the entire thing. They can make your punishment more severe because the authorities feel as tough you should have learned your lesson the first time. A subsequent petty theft conviction can land you in jail for an entire year.

Why You Need an Attorney?

An attorney can assist you in a number of ways. First, an attorney can listen to your story in an objective manner. The attorney will listen with an impartial ear and then let you know what he or she thinks about your chances of a dismissal or acquittal. You can hire the attorney at that time to defend you. Your new attorney can then use a number of tactics try to have the case dismissed. One tactic is to look for a procedural error on the arresting officer’s part. Mistakes such as failure to allow a defendant to seek counsel, failure to produce a valid search warrant or failure to read Miranda rights are procedural errors that can cost them the case. Acquittal is the objective when dismissal does not occur. The prosecutor needs to prove that you were the person who took the item or the money. He has to have solid evidence such as more than one eye witness, video footage or something similar. Your attorney can stand against the prosecutor if he or she cannot prove your guilt.

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