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Los Angeles Outstanding Warrants Lawyers

Many people don’t know they have an outstanding warrant until the police arrest them. Other times, people suspect that they have a warrant but prefer to ignore it with the hope that it will just go away. Unfortunately, that’s not how warrants work. The police are empowered to arrest the person named in the warrant until it is recalled. They may do so in connection with a straightforward traffic stop or they may seek out the individual by tracking them down at their home or their place of work. Either way, it makes for an embarrassing and difficult situation.

Being arrested is a terrible thing, and most people would prefer not having it happen to them. If you suspect that you have outstanding warrants in Los Angeles, then it’s important for you to schedule an appointment with a California criminal defense firm. Your arrest warrant attorney can help you investigate the warrant and begin looking for ways to have it recalled or to respond to it in the most positive way possible without having to be arrested.

What Is a Warrant?

Both state and federal judges in the Los Angeles area are empowered to issue warrants. A warrant is a legal document that makes it possible for law enforcement to arrest the subject. When there is an outstanding warrant, police can easily search for and access the document. Accordingly, police often make arrests based on warrants during traffic stops. After collecting the driver’s license and other information, the officer performs a search for outstanding warrants. If the officer finds one, then the driver is most certainly going to jail.

While it may be tempting to ignore the subject it’s generally not a good idea to bury your head in the sand when it comes to outstanding warrants in Los Angeles. Local law enforcement agencies adhere to strict policies regarding arresting anyone who has an outstanding warrant. This means that an ordinary day can quickly become one of the worst of your life if you have an encounter with the police. Don’t be taken by surprise. Speak with a qualified Los Angeles outstanding warrants attorney to find out if there’s a warrant out on you.

Arrest Warrants in Los Angeles

Judges can issues two types of warrants: arrest and bench. An arrest warrant is issued by a judge at the request of a law enforcement investigator or a District Attorney or other prosecutor. Basically, investigators believe that they have gathered sufficient evidence to show that a crime was committed and that it was committed by the person they request to have named in the arrest warrant. The judge must carefully review the documents to ensure that probable cause for the arrest exists. With probable cause established, the judge may sign the arrest warrant, which means that the police may actively seek to arrest the individual named in the warrant. The individual will be taken into custody, and a bail amount is usually set. This bail may be a significant amount of money. However, the judge may sometimes decide that the defendant is not eligible for bail.

Now that the suspect is in custody, the police will do everything they can to get a statement. It is always in your best interests to speak with the police as little as possible. Immediately tell them that you would like an attorney. Once you do so, they may not lawfully continue to pressure you to make a statement or to answer their questions. Know your rights, and then get a Los Angeles arrest warrant lawyer to work on your case.

Bench Warrants in Los Angeles

This is the second type of warrant that might be issued by a judge. Bench warrants are issued when an individual fails to show up for a court date. The court date may be in relation to a probation violation or may be a hearing or progress report. Regardless, an individual was ordered to appear before the judge at a certain date and time and failed to do so. The judge can issue a bench warrant, allowing police to arrest the named individual immediately. At the same time, the individual’s driver’s license will be suspended. This makes it even more likely that they will be arrested.

If you have missed a court date and you suspect that you may have an outstanding warrant, then you need the assistance of a Los Angeles bench warrant attorney. Significant jail time and fines may be only the beginning of the consequences. However, with the representation of an experienced California criminal defense attorney you may be able to mitigate these penalties.

Speak with a Los Angeles Outstanding Warrants Attorney

If you believe you might have an outstanding warrant and you don’t know where to turn, contact our law offices. Our experienced Los Angeles arrest warrant attorneys may be able to get your warrant recalled, which could mean that you don’t ever have to go to jail. Moreover, your defense attorney can perform many useful legal services on your behalf including gathering any documentation that’s necessary to demonstrate why you missed a court date and making certain that police and prosecutors always respect your Constitutional rights.

Don’t ignore any outstanding warrants. Even if you only suspect that there is an arrest warrant out for you, you need the services of a criminal defense lawyer. Contact the California outstanding warrants lawyers at this firm today.

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