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Los Angeles Oral Copulation by Force Lawyers

Your livelihood and reputation are at risk if someone has charged you with the crime of oral copulation by force. Penal code 288a PC is a crime that is similar to that of rape. You will need to consult with a seasoned attorney if you or someone you know has received such a charge. You must allow the attorney to get started with your defense strategy immediately. We understand your anxiety about the matter, and we can help to prove your innocence. An attorney can start working on your behalf the moment you hire that person to defend you.

What Does Oral Copulation by Force Mean?

The term copulation is a sophisticated term that refers to sexual intercourse. Oral copulation is a form of sexual intercourse that originates in the victim’s mouth. The mouth of the victim touches the offender’s genitalia in a sexual manner because he or she forced the person to do so.

The traditional concept of forced oral copulation is that the offender physically pushes the other person into the act against his or her will. However, some other situations can count as forced copulation, as well. One example is taking advantage of an intoxicated person who is too discombobulated and weak to resist the act. The offender can either place his or her mouth on the victim or force his or her genitals on the victim.

An offender can use threats to force a person into the act of oral copulation, as well. A person’s boss, for example, may threaten to fire him or her if the person refuses to comply. The person may also threaten to initiate some type of falsified legal proceeding if the person does not comply with the request. You may be facing accusations of any of the above-stated occurrences.

Penalties for Oral Copulation by Force

The crime of oral copulation by force is not a light matter. It yields a prison sentence of up to eight years and fines of up to $10,000. Furthermore, the nature of the crime demands that you register as a sex offender if you receive a conviction. Everything is on the line. You cannot afford to move forward without an attorney working on the case. Our firm has been serving people in the Los Angeles area for years. We can assure you that we have dealt with similar cases, and we can tell you the results of such cases.

Why Choose Our Firm?

Many law firms exist, but only one Los Angeles criminal defense attorney has the statistics and the dedication to fight for you the way that we do. Our aggressive attorneys do not use a passive strategy or a rollover strategy like some other firms do. We believe that your reputation and your freedom are being threatened. Therefore, we fight back. Our goal is to bring the truth of your innocence to light. Alternatively, our lawyers can battle for case dismissal, acquittals and sentencing leniency.

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