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Los Angeles Offering or Preparing False Evidence

Many individuals are aware that falsifying evidence is a crime that is taken very seriously within the United States. That being said, there are still people who do not realize the potential legal ramifications of this crime and continue to produce and prepare false evidence. Within the state of California, falsifying evidence is in fact a crime. In fact, by preparing and offering false evidence is considered obstruction of justice in California.

The statute that is associated with offering or preparing false evidence within the state of California is Penal Code 132 PC. Penal Code 132 PC states that it is a felony to knowingly present false written evidence in any kind of legal proceeding whatsoever. Furthermore, Penal Code 134 PC also makes it a crime to prepare false evidence for a legal proceeding even if the evidence never actually gets presented into court. Lastly, it is essential to note that you are charged with a felony regardless of what the seriousness of the evidence that you are falsifying. It is for this reason that one can be convicted to be convicted for a sentence of up to three years in California state prison regardless if they falsified a traffic ticket or evidence relating to a murder.

Given that these charges are so complex in relation to preparing false evidence, it is best to retain legal counsel to assist you with your case since there are several nuances to being convicted for offering or preparing false evidence that could be relevant in your case. For example, you have to actually have known that the evidence you were presenting was in fact false in order to be convicted under Penal Code 132 PC and for a Penal Code 134 PC conviction, a prosecutor has to demonstrate that you both intended to have the false evidence presented in the legal proceeding as factual and that you meant to deceive or mislead any given person in the proceeding. Given that this evidence is difficult for a prosecutor to prove in court, it is wise to have an attorney by your side to help you fight these charges.

Our firm specializes in cases that surround the topics of offering and/or preparing false evidence. In order to see whether our legal services are potentially the right fit for your upcoming case, it is highly recommended to have a consultation in which you discuss with one of our associate attorneys the possible legal theories that surround your case. By doing this, our associate attorney will be able to decide whether our firm can provide you zealous and ethical representation on your upcoming legal matter. Once this decision is made, you may decide whether to retain our legal services by entering into a retainer agreement with our firm for a specific price. This will provide you an enormous benefit because we will agree to assist you throughout each and every step of your upcoming legal process. Thus, do not hesitate to reach out to us today regarding your upcoming legal matter. We would be elated to assist you.

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