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In the entire world, cases of murder are increasing at an alarming rate, and the need of curbing them is of great significance. The prevalence of life termination has been triggered by political ambitions, lust for material gain amongst other personal gain motives. The most common form that leaders have been using to kill their competitors is through assassinations. These issues can get be categorized as moral decadence and must be mitigated through seeking justice from the relevant authorities.


In Los Angeles, any person accused of homicide is said to have committed a felony and thus his/her future is seen to be on the line. Murder varies from the first, and second degree which translates the severity of a particular killing charge. As the degree changes from the first to the second, the level of punishment also increases. Thus, the more the motive behind a murder results in a higher punishment degree.


According to the law, the first-degree killing is the most serious form of homicide. All types of unlawful murder committed willfully as well deliberately get classified in the first-degree category. Murder committed during actions of theft, or even rape is also put under the felony homicide and thus fall under the first degree. Any person accused of any charge in the first degree is thus subjected to incarceration for twenty-five years.


The second-degree murder, on the other hand, is the action of killing without any cause or legitimate excuse. It is also the killing of someone without any plan to attempt it in advance. It may happen when one gets angry and thus commits the murder due to the uncontrollable anger. The law stipulates that the kind of killing was not international and thus cannot be classified as first-degree murder. Thus, this level does not require premeditation and deliberation. A good example of murder falling under the second level is when a person drives speeding thus making an accident which later results in death. Anyone accused of this type of crime can be sentenced to imprisonment for fifteen years if found guilty.


Apart from the first and the second-degree murder, there is the killing that happens during the occurrence of a felony. The homicide is not necessarily intended or planned, and thus it happens only due to the consequence of other offense. A death resulting from an accident in the occurrence of the crime is also classified under the felony murder. A good example is when one gets frightened and by bad luck, he kicks off.


If you get accused of any murder case, it being the first or second-degree as well felony murder, it gets imperative for you to have a lawyer by your side. The lawyer can fight for your rights, and if you are found to be innocent, it gets advantageous as you evade from the punishments. In a time of allegations, a perpetrator investigation pertaining the homicide, the paramount thing you require to do is to retain the solicitor services.


Moreover, apart from the punishments discussed earlier, as the accused you can get subjected to a very wide range of legitimate penalties. If convicted of using a firearm in conducting the killing, ten, twenty or twenty-five years could get summed to your incarceration term. Also, you may be asked to pay the plaintiff a fine of up to $10,000 and failure to this the law firm may take possession of your firearm.


Finally, our law in Los Angeles uses it experienced personnel who deploy the use of all possible ways to find all the information regarding the allegations. Thus, you need not hesitate once you hear of any news of homicide. As a suspect, you need to keep in touch with an experienced lawyer from the law firm so as to ensure that you don’t face overwhelming challenges.

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