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Los Angeles Methamphetamine Possession Lawyers

What is Methamphetamine?
This illegal substance is a popular synthetic drug that is used as a stimulant, and it creates a euphoric sensation that abusers find addictive. It is created in a powder form or a crystallized rock that appears similar to glass shards. The drug can be injected, snorted, smoked, or ingested for a high that lasts up to 12 hours at a time. Complications associated with methamphetamine abuse include rapid weight loss, severe tooth decay (meth mouth), psychosis, auditory hallucinations, and many other adverse symptoms. As a person continues to use methamphetamine, they gradually require more of the drug to experience the feeling of euphoria until they reach a point of true addiction.

Alternate (street) Names for Methamphetamine include:
– Ice
– Crystal Meth
– Speed
– Dope
– Tina
– Shards

What Constitutes Methamphetamine Possession?
Any usable amount of the drug found on the body or in the vehicle of a person without a prescription could be considered possession. Trace amounts of the drug may not constitute a possession charge if there wasn’t enough of the drug to use. If methamphetamine is found in a vehicle, the owner may not be charged if they were unaware of its presence. A defendant found in possession that is unaware that the drug is a controlled substance may not be in violation of the law. However, it is a violation if the defendant mistakenly believes that they are in possession of another substance. Meth that is sold illegally is often mixed with other substances, but possession of impure methamphetamine is still considered a violation of the law.

Possible Consequences of Simple Methamphetamine Possession
A lot of considerations are made when determining the exact consequences in a meth possession case. For example, penalties can increase if there was a large amount of the drug or the arrest was made in a school zone. As of 2014, a person found in simple possession of methamphetamine is going to be charged with a misdemeanor crime. The maximum sentence for a misdemeanor methamphetamine possession charge is a single year in jail, a fine up to $1,000, community service, probation, and a criminal record. It could move up to a felony charge for registered sex offenders or defendants that have been convicted of a violent offense in the past.

In Los Angeles, a possession charge could be resolved with a drug diversion program rather than serve jail time. This provides an opportunity for the defendant to receive treatment or educational classes in order to have their charges dismissed.

Possession with Intent to Sell
If large amounts of the drug were found in the possession of a defendant, the courts must look at the case as possible intent to sell. The crime would be charged as a felony if the defendant has a scale, records of drug transactions, meth divided into small individual baggies, or a large amount of cash. A conviction could result in a felony criminal record, a maximum of 3 years in the state prison, a fine up to $10,000, and supervised probation.

An Attorney Can Help With You Methamphetamine Possession Charges
Regardless of the details of your case, it’s vital that you promptly consult a defense attorney in Los Angeles that is experienced with meth possession cases. Our firm is committed to helping defend first-time offenders, as well as those with past charges, with genuine concern rather than ever passing judgement. We are dedicated to looking at every single fact to give you legal representation that you can rely on when help is needed.

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