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Los Angeles Methamphetamine (Possession for Sale) Lawyers

There has been a recent surge with Methamphetamine use all over the United States. In general, states have really cracked down on Methamphetamine legislation in an effort to get such an addictive substance out of the reach of those who are unable to resist using it. Within the state of California, there are many potential crimes in connection to Methamphetamine use. It is illegal to have Methamphetamine on your person at all times without a valid prescription. That being said, it is quite rare that one will ever have a prescription for such a harmful drug. Furthermore, having possession of Methamphetamine for sale renders a different sort of crime within the state of California and should be avoided due to the harsh potential consequences.

Within the state of California, possessing methamphetamine for sale with the intent to sell is a felony that has a sentence of three years maximum. The key to proving this claim successfully is to ascertain whether the possession of the methamphetamine was for the purpose of personal use or for selling methamphetamine. Given that it is quite complex to prove the intent to sell versus solely possession, it is important to retain legal counsel if you are facing a possession for sale Methamphetamine charge within the state of California. The reason for this is that there are several viable defenses that if proven successfully, could make a great difference in the outcome of your case. Some examples of these relevant defenses are: false accusations from spiteful or unreliable witnesses, a mistaken identity, if the drug was planted on you without your knowledge, the drug was for personal use rather than for sale, the evidence of the drug was obtained from an illegal search or seizure or the substance retrieved was not methamphetamine or any other illegal drug.

Given the complexity of the legal theories involved in defending yourself against your prospective Methamphetamine possession for sale charge, it is best to retain legal counsel in order to make sure you have several different potential legal theories to utilize in order to argue your case. Our firm specializes in cases in connection with Methamphetamine charges within the state of California. What we typically recommend is to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our associate attorneys in order to discuss the facts surrounding your charges and to ascertain whether our firm’s services would be the proper fit to represent you in your case. Once this determination is made, you are welcome to retain our legal services for your upcoming matter by signing a retainer agreement. Signing a retainer agreement will allow you to agree on a fixed price for our assistance in developing pertinent legal theories for your case, our step-by-step guidance as you combat the charges against you, and our legal support as you receive the results of your case. Thus, do not hesitate to contact us today regarding your upcoming legal matter. We would be elated to assist you in successfully resolving your case pertaining to Methamphetamine possession for sale.

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