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Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Lawyers

Since recreational marijuana use was made legal in California in January 2018, it’s been a common question for people to ask about medical marijuana and how it works in the state. Medical marijuana is often prescribed to patients by their doctors to help with severe pain such as cancer treatments and other illnesses. Now that it’s a recreational situation in California, is medical marijuana still something people can get? It is, and that’s because some people might be able to get it with their insurance agency to help lower the cost of their recovery and their prescriptions.

California’s Compassionate Use Act

This is the act that allows medical marijuana facilities to provide marijuana to those who have a prescription, but the new law could benefit those who are living with pain bad enough to require medical marijuana to ease the pain. For example, there is a law that allows you to forgo paying state sales tax on medical marijuana if you have a prescription.

Furthermore, there is a law that allows medical marijuana patients to legally grow and use as much as they need to get over their pain. If the doctor prescribes it, a patient can use their own home to grow as much as they need to make it worth their while so long as the amount being grown is reasonably within the realm of what the patient needs. If you’re using marijuana recreationally, you’re only permitted to have as much as one ounce at a time.

Medical marijuana comes in higher concentration, and the legal limit is different for anyone with a prescription for this drug. This means you can take more at one time and not be accused of breaking any laws. Finally, recreational marijuana use is only legal if a person is over the age of 21. Anyone young is not permitted to use marijuana unless they have a medical prescription for it.

What health problems require medical marijuana?

If you suffer from health issues and wonder if there is a chance you could get a medical marijuana license, you should see if your illness is one of the most common illnesses for which marijuana is prescribed.

– Anorexia
– Cancer
– Chronic pain
– Migraines
– Glaucoma
– Nausea in a severe form
– Seizures
– Arthritis
– Cachexia
– Muscles spasms
– Multiple sclerosis
– Many other medical conditions

Medical Marijuana Lawyers

If you are accused of a crime while using medical marijuana, you can call an attorney to help you understand what you are being charged with. For example, if you don’t have a medical marijuana card, which is not a necessary item to have if you use marijuana over the age of 21 anymore, and you are arrested for having more than the legal limit, you can call an attorney to prove you do have a need for that much marijuana as defined by your doctor.

You cannot be arrested for using medical marijuana over the legal limit or under the legal age if you have a valid medical marijuana card. However, if the information on that card is incorrect, it could be a problem for the officer who is arresting you. This is when you need an attorney.

Penalties for Marijuana-Related Crimes

If you are arrested for transporting or using marijuana in large quantities, you can be arrested and charged with possession and other crimes. A conviction could result in a sentence that includes jail time and hefty fines. You don’t want to deal with this, and you should not have to deal with the consequences of a crime you didn’t commit.

Call an attorney to help you with your medical marijuana issues. You do have rights, and your attorney can help you understand what the law states, why it states it, and what you can do to defend yourself. You have rights, and you do have a right to call an attorney to help you fight your charges and find a way to get through this. Your attorney will work with you to prove you have a valid medical marijuana card to use to grow, use, or transport marijuana in a medical capacity.

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