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Los Angeles Lewd Acts with a Minor Lawyers

If you are accused of molesting a child, or engaging in lewd acts with a minor, you will find yourself entangled into Penal Code Section 288. And to be on the safer side, you must be well prepared for what lies ahead.

Remember, you should not say anything to the police or prosecutor when arrested on allegations of lewd acts with a minor. This applies to all other criminal offenses. The prosecution may use your statement against you in court.

The first move you make, after being arrested or charged with lewd acts with a minor, could either assure you of your freedom or land you in county jail or prison.

There are a number of terrible things that come with being accused of child molestation. For example:

1. You might be arrested and end up serving time in jail or prison
2. Your community will always be suspicious about you
3. You will be a perfect target for your neighbors or even strangers


A lewd acts with a minor charge is taken very seriously in the city of Los Angeles. The Penalties for such a crime are very severe. Here are a few of them:

1. Registration as a sex offender
2. 10 years in state prison per count
3. If the act was forced, the sentence would be up to 10 years in prison
4. If the offender is involved in a pattern of lewd acts, the sentence will be up to 16 years in prison.


The Los Angeles lewd acts with a minor attorneys at our firm are experienced in dealing with child molestation cases. We could prove to the court that:

1. Your accuser was coached
2. The police were biased
3. No DNA was found on the minor
4. There was no evidence of bodily harm
5. Your accuser identified you as the perpetrator by mistake
6. The act was committed by another person
7. You accidentally touched the child without intent to arouse
8. The age of the child rules out the possibility of being charged with the criminal offense

A case involving lascivious acts with a minor may not only attract harsh penalties, but also result in loss of your job. If your employer gets to know about the matter, you risk losing your job. The issue will be even more serious if you work in an environment with a lot of children, such as a care facility, hospital, or school. You’ll be the subject of suspicion wherever you go. That’s why you need a reputable and experienced attorney to handle your case. Our law firm has some of the best criminal defense attorneys in the city of Los Angeles.

Due to the complexity and seriousness of a case involving Los Angeles lewd acts with a minor, the prosecution and police will never be on your side. But the good news is that our law firm will always be on your side. We will do our very best to:

1. Help you fight the Los Angeles criminal justice system
2. Get your lewd acts with a minor charge reduced or dismissed
3. Protect your future

We have successfully represented clients facing child molestation charges in the past. Our success rate is excellent; thanks to the many cases we’ve managed to win. You need a criminal defense attorney who is always ahead of the police and prosecution in all aspects. Our experience in fighting charges like these is an advantage you need to win your case.

We will take advantage of the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case, and apply the most appropriate defense techniques, so as to protect your future, name, reputation, and career. Our main aim is to protect the rights of our clients at all times. We will not give up until your case is dropped, and neither should you.

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