Los Angeles Lawyers For Clinical Laboratories

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 24, 2020

Raiser & Kenniffs clinical laboratory and physician owned laboratory clients face an ever changing regulatory landscape. Our firm has considerable experience representing independent and physician owned laboratories with a variety of legal issues. Our firm is dedicated to helping owners of clinical laboratories have access to the tools and strategies necessary to thrive in this intense environment.

We advise lab’s in Los Angeles with a wide array of matters relating to, but not limited to:

-Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendements of 1988 certification/compliance

-FDA regulatory compliance


-Licenses on a state level

-Network participation and departicipation

-Medicare enrollment

-Medicare reimbursement

-RAC, ZPIC, MAC, Medicare, Medicaid, and private audit and appeals

-HIPPA and compliance

-Fraud and abuse compliance with Stark Laws

-Clinical research contracts and IRB compliance

-Transactional arrangements

-Operations, structural issues, compliance


We’re experienced

Raiser & Kenniff, PC, is experienced and can help with all forms of compliance counseling. We’ve helped independent. We handle all issues pertaining to medicare participation, and medicare conditions for coverage, CLIA certification/compliance, and state license laws. We also have experience helping lab clients when it comes to compliance issues involving the IRB compliance, HIPPA, FDA, Medicare, and fraud/abuse involving the Stark Law.

We have experience helping lab clients with audit defense, pertaining to RAC, ZPIC, MAC, Medicare, and other private payor audits that may happen. We can help our clients appeal claim denials – from beginning to end. We have immense expertise handling the procedures, and issues, involving in the medicare audit defense appeals process. We can handle the initial stage, up to the appeals in federal district court. We work with each and every client to understand the issues unique to their laboratory, or POL audit. After conducting an initial review, we develop an audit defense strategy – that includes drafting position papers, and written statements to each audit. We have experience advising clients who are on a pre-payment review, or a payment suspension.


Our philosophy

We work in a collaborative process with all the relevant stakeholders to help reduce any chances of your audit, or legal issue from escalating. Our focus is on the right solution – not increasing billable understands. We work with our clients to create substantive strategies that address the unique challenges to each clinical laboratory. We have counseled clients on a whole wide array of issues.