Los Angeles Lawyers For Buying and Selling Healthcare Practices

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 24, 2020

Raiser & Kenniff, PC, can help with all aspects of buying, and selling, your healthcare practice.  We can help during the purchase, or sale, of a medical practice or physician group. When doing so, there are many hurdles which have to be overcome in order to ensure that all parties in the transaction are complying with state and federal regulations. Regulations are especially complex when the buyer is a physician, or a physician owned entity, hospital, or some other health entity – who is subject to the Stark Law. Our Los Angeles attorneys can advise on situations like this which could impact your transaction.

Our Los Angeles healthcare business lawyers at Raiser & Kenniff, PC provide individuals and businesses involved in the sale, or purchase, of physician practices, with the representation and advice they need to avoid pitfalls with these transactions. We help a wide array of purchasers and sellers in Los Angeles and across the country complete transactions cost effectively, with as little stress as possible.

Legal help for buyers and sellers

Our firm focuses on healthcare law. We are at the forefront of strategies for maintaining regulatory compliance, while allowing transactions to keep moving forward, uninhibited by legal issues. We can help with all transactional matters such as:

Valuation: this is the most difficult aspect of a transaction. Finding the fair price point for a practice being sold is difficult. We use our extensive knowledge of the market when it comes to physician practices and medical groups to ensure clients pay, and receive, a fair market value. This is critical to complying with Stark Law.

Compliance: We help guide clients through the entire due diligence process. We negotiate agreements for physician clients and nonphysician staff. We address all compliance issues pertaining to the Stark Law, Anti Kickback Statutes, and other laws and regulation

Efficiency: We are efficient. We are knowledgable. We help move the sale or purchase of a group. We prevent the other party from dragging on the transaction for a period longer than necessary.

Los Angeles Attorneys For Buying and Selling Healthcare Practices

Buying or selling isn’t a simple matter, but if you have the right attorney on your team – it can be easier. The fact your business is a medical malpractice adds a layer of complexity. But if you have our attorneys on your side, we can help make everything clear – and ensure you get the results you deserve. If you’re interested in buying a practice – we can help you evaluate if the medical practice is the right one to buy. We have fingers on the pulse of the industry. We can help work with you to find and evaluate practices that are a strong fit. Once it’s found, we ensure all compliance issues are being addressed. After this, we leverage our business skills to structure a transaction which meets your needs.

Selling a medical malpractice

We can help you determine the value of your practice. We can help determine ever single item in your practices’ value. From there, we can assist you in finding a buyer, and negotiating a transaction which is favorable to you.

If you’re ready to get started, contact our Los Angeles lawyers today.