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Los Angeles Kidnapping During the Commission of a Carjacking

June 21, 2016 Uncategorized

Carjacking is one of the most prevalent crimes in the nation, according to the U.S. Department of State. Perpetrators indulge in this crime for a wide variety of reasons such as covetousness, gang initiation, money, mischief and more. Carjacking occurs the most in high crime areas, rural areas, intersections, isolated parking lots, traffic jams and residential driveways. The intention of a carjacking offender is to take the car. Unfortunately, some carjackers get more than they bargain for. They take vehicles that have small children, babies and other people in the back seat. Taking another person in the midst of a carjacking crime constitutes the crime of kidnapping. You will need the assistance of an experienced attorney if you have been accused of committing such a complex set of crimes.

More About Carjacking

Carjacking is another name for bold grand theft auto. It is a crime that involves stealing someone’s vehicle while the owner is behind the wheel. The carjacker ousts the driver from of the vehicle with force or threats and then drives away with the vehicle. Some carjackers use knives, guns, and other threatening objects to get the driver out of the driver’s seat.

Carjacking Penalties

Carjacking penalties vary depending on the circumstance. Some of the circumstances that the court will review are circumstances such as firearms, assault weaponry and physical harm to the other person. The kidnapping factor is something that will play a part in the sentence that the defendant receives. The usual penalty for carjacking is three to nine years in prison.

About Kidnapping

Kidnapping is an offense that involves taking a person from one place to the other against his or her will. Kidnapping sometimes occurs during carjacking events for one of two reasons. Some offenders have no idea that the kidnapping victim is in the vehicle. In other cases, the carjacker takes the victim to try to stay out of jail. Either instance will be difficult for a convicted carjacker.

Kidnapping Penalties

Kidnapping penalties vary depending on the circumstances, the person’s relationship to the victim and the victim’s age. The penalties vary from about three years in prison to 11 years in prison. Carjackers who take small children have the highest risk for serving a sentence that is longer than a decade. You will need the assistance of an experienced attorney if you have been charged with carjacking and kidnapping.

How an Attorney Can Help

A Los Angeles carjacking and kidnapping attorney can help you by trying to prove your innocence. A reliable defense attorney intends to prove you not guilty. Another strategy that such an attorney may use is a “protocol check” strategy. Police have to follow protocol when they make arrests, even when the evidence seems obvious. Failure to do so can give an attorney the edge that he or she needs to get a case dismissal. At the very least, a criminal defense attorney can negotiate with the judge to get your sentence reduced or changed. You should never face such a serious charge alone. You risk losing the case and ending up with high fines, jail time, embarrassment and difficulty getting a job.

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