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Los Angeles Juvenile Crimes Lawyers

Mistakes are part of growing up. Unfortunately, sometimes a mistake lands a young person on the wrong side of the law. When this happens it is crucial to hire a Los Angeles juvenile defense attorney with all possible speed. With the assistance of a California juvenile crimes lawyer it may be possible to have the charges reduced or dismissed. Your child’s future may depend on the quality of legal representation that you engage for him. Contact the juvenile defense lawyers at this firm to protect your child.

The California Juvenile Justice System

Much like the adult justice system, California’s juvenile justice courts are designed to protect the public. The main difference is that the adult system seeks to punish while the juvenile system is supposed to rehabilitate. There are portions of the juvenile system that are still aimed at the treatment of at-risk youth. Unfortunately, the emphasis in recent years seems to be increasingly on punishment. This means a greater chance that your child will be facing a period of confinement if they are convicted. Even worse, if their case is sufficiently serious, it could be moved into the adult court system. This puts your child at a greater risk for serving a long term of imprisonment, a portion of which may be served at an adult prison facility.

These consequences can frequently be avoided with legal guidance. The Los Angeles juvenile defense attorneys at this firm wholeheartedly believe that youthful offenders deserve a second chance. That’s why we work so hard to avoid the filing of charges or to get the charges dismissed if they have already been filed. Similarly, we work with prosecutors and the assigned judge to minimize the chances that your child will be sentenced to a term in a California Youth Authority facility. Undergoing counseling or entering a rehabilitation program are both viable alternatives to incarceration that are designed to treat underlying problems rather than just dealing with the offense that your child was arrested for.

Skillful Los Angeles Juvenile Crimes Defense Attorneys

The practitioners at this firm have significant experience when it comes to juveniles who are facing a trial, which is typically referred to as an adjudication. Long before the adjudication, your child’s juvenile defense lawyer will investigate the circumstances surrounding the crime your child is alleged to have committed. Your child may simply have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, leading law enforcement to make an arrest where none was warranted. Sometimes the arrest was a result of mistaken identity. Other times there just isn’t sufficient evidence to prove that a crime was committed or that your child was involved. All of these options and more will be explored if you hire this Los Angeles juvenile defense firm to fight for your child’s rights.

When it comes to maintaining your child’s freedom you want to hire an advocate that you know will work hard and has extensive experience with the state’s juvenile justice system. You can rest assured that the attorneys at this firm have the skill and knowledge that you’re looking for. Our main goal is securing your child’s freedom. If it isn’t possible to have the case against your child dismissed, then we do everything in our power to ensure that your child receives the treatment or rehabilitation he needs as opposed to simply being sent to a probation camp or even a prison facility for youthful offenders.

Long-Term Consequences for California’s Youngest Offenders

A defendant who is convicted in the juvenile justice system can be housed in a California Youth Authority facility until the age of 25. They may be moved to an adult prison after that if there is still time remaining on their sentence. Of course, this type of consequence is reserved for only the most serious of offenses. Other penalties could include a term of informal or formal probation or the requirement to attend counseling or enter a rehabilitation program.

However, if your child is convicted of an offense in California’s juvenile justice system, they may be facing longer-term consequences. These consequences might include being barred from attending the college of their choice, being denied financial aid in college, having difficulty finding a job and the revocation or suspension of a driver’s license. All of these consequences are sufficiently serious that they can make your child’s life exponentially more difficult. It is genuinely in your child’s best interests that you hire a reputable California juvenile defense lawyer.

Contact a Los Angeles Juvenile Crimes Attorney

If your child has been charged with a crime, then their future is in jeopardy. Prosecutors and judges in the juvenile system have been leaning toward harsher punishments that are less aimed at rehabilitation than they were in the past. This is bad news for young people who most certainly deserve another chance. That chance can be obtained when you hire the right California juvenile defense attorney.

Don’t be tempted to allow your child to go up against the juvenile justice system without a defense attorney. They deserve to have competent legal counsel at their side. In fact, young people who have a lawyer are far more likely to have the charges against them reduced or dismissed thanks to the efforts of their counsel. Your child’s future should not be left up to chance. Contact us today to set up a consultation with a Los Angeles juvenile crimes lawyer.

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