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Los Angeles Internet Fraud Lawyers

The Internet is a wonderful thing in many ways. It can put us in close contact with people across the globe. It can provide us with learning materials on subjects that are of the utmost importance to us. However, the Internet does have its downside in that it is a breeding ground for mischief. You will need to speak with a reliable attorney if you have been charged with an Internet Fraud activity. The charge of Internet fraud can bring you many devastating consequences such as jail time, fines and embarrassment. Our attorneys can help you prevent that outcome.

What Exactly Is Internet Fraud?

Internet fraud is a broad term that describes a wide variety of instances that occur with the use of a computer. The two main components is that the offending party intends to defraud someone, and the person is using a computer to do so. One example of Internet fraud is the famous Craigslist scam. Scammers comb through the ads and message people who are selling electronics. Such people offer the sellers three times the amount they are asking for their items, and then they try to convince the seller to send the items to a foreign country. They offer to either pay with PayPal or send a check. The scammers then ask the person for personal information such as address info, PayPal account information or bank account information in an attempt to defraud the unsuspecting item seller.

Some people sell merchandise on the Internet and never send the products once they receive payment for them. Another example of Internet fraud is sending malicious software to a person that steals his or her personal information. A third example of Internet fraud is using someone else’s personal information to order things over the Internet. The crime could be classified as identity theft, Internet fraud or both.

Penalties for Internet Fraud

The penalties for Internet fraud vary because of the variety of crimes out there. The authorities can charge such a crime as either a misdemeanor or a felony. A felony conviction for Internet fraud can land you in prison for as many as 20 years. A 20-year prison sentence is a sentence that is hard to bounce back from. It can leave you devastated, which is why you need a solid attorney on your side. Internet fraud is not a crime that you want to let float. It’s something that you need to attack aggressively.

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