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Los Angeles Insurance Fraud Lawyers

Los Angeles Insurance Fraud Lawyers

Los Angeles is among the counties included in the fraud laws covered under the Penal Code Sections 548,549,550 and 551 of the California laws. The legal definition of insurance fraud consists of intricate elements consolidated together. Luckily, lawyers can help make them easy to comprehend.

Insurance Fraud in Los Angeles

Insurance fraud occurs when a person with ill motives attempts to deceive an insurance company to obtain money. Insurance fraud is a serious crime in Los Angeles, California and any other county within the state. That’s why Los Angeles has an active fraud division meant to identify and investigate people suspected of insurance fraud.

Common Insurance Fraud Activities in Los Angeles

Nearly every fraudulent activity that relates to an insurance dealer is an insurance fraud. However, the most common insurance frauds in Los Angeles include inflated estimates of damages, failure to report crucial information and filing false claims. Other activities include;
• Burning your house or property to collect insurance compensations.
• Exaggerating your injuries in case of an accident.
• Use of another person’s insurance details to get proceeds.
• Denying your workers insurance settlements.
• Fabricating and staging accidents.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, insurance fraud costs the industry about $90 billion annually. It’s a menace that has the potential to destabilize the insurance industry in Los Angeles permanently if ignored.

What Makes You a Defendant of Insurance Fraud?

In order for Log Angeles prosecutor to convict you as a defendant of an insurance fraud, you must have some elements that are classic markers of insurance fraud. For instance, when you intentionally make a wrong statement so that you can qualify for the claim. If the statement you made connects to claim or payments, you qualify as a candidate for prosecution.

What to do if you are a victim of insurance fraud

People who have insurance policies sometimes become victims of insurance fraud. It’s possible for someone to lure them and indirectly commit the fraud with their details. This can lead to the insurance company paying the wrong person. Some companies have no remorse for insurance victims and may resort to holding on to their claims. According to the insurance laws in Los Angeles, such companies are eligible for fines and other liabilities.

Penalties for Insurance Fraud

In Los Angeles, insurance fraud can be soft or hard. The intensity of penalties depends on these two dimensions. Soft fraud occurs when someone inflates the extent of damages during an accident. Frauds categorized as soft usually attract fines, probation, short jail terms or community service.

Hard fraud is when you come up with a fabricated loss so that you get compensation. The legal system does not take hard fraud lightly, and it considers it an act of felony that is punishable by severe penalties. The penalties include a sentence to any state prison for many years.

Why you need an insurance fraud lawyer

When an insurance company accuses you of fraud, you need to take stringent measures because they take the matter very seriously, and they will not rest until you end up in jail. In Los Angeles, insurance fraud is very serious crime quantified by the money that is at stake. You can’t face the charges alone if you don’t have any legal experience. Consider hiring an insurance fraud attorney to help you tackle and win the case.

What to Expect at the Lawyer’s Office

At the office, the lawyer will review your case and examine any possible investigation errors that might occur on the side of the plaintiff. He or she will create the best strategy to prove that you did not act with the intent to defraud the company.

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