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Los Angeles Inciting a Riot

Today, it is common to see Americans acting out violently out on their animal instincts. Even at presidential rallies, we see protesters mistreating each other and causing public harm. Why this occurs, is something rooted deep in humanity’s psyche. It is toddler like selfishness, plain and simple.

We need to get over our infancy in public debate if we are going to have any success in removing the cancer of uncouth rhetoric from our nation. We have politicians openly cussing in public with the media turning a blind eye to it.

Our goal is to expose the lie that we need to be heard in order to be right. A healthy society fosters room for doubt and questions. Chinese society has long valued group contribution, and today remains the oldest extant culture. The American tradition of loud and emotional political debates that are mainly based on appearance, not reason, have caused a downgrade in the level of our national dialogue.

Adolf Hitler once observed, “What good fortune for governments that the people do not think.”

Even our political leaders have become complicit in the ongoing reality of coarse communication. Famously, Donald Trump was once heard in public claiming, “an ‘extremely credible source’ has called my office and told me that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud.”

This statement, spoken by a prominent businessman, is unacceptable. Without producing more detailed evidence to the public, it is wrong to slander a sitting official who represents the United States Government, regardless of his faults. Trump’s own rallies are known for being violent events, with protesters and supporters clashing vigorously.

In order to fix the lack of respect present in our population, we have to fix our family problems. Respect starts at home. The Chinese have a concept known as filial piety. In the arena of a home, parents are supreme. Contrasted with American culture, with its ongoing urge for youth stardom, the lower Chinese crime rate makes more sense.

The key to peaceful dialogue is restraint. No matter how strong our beliefs may be on a particular issue, it is wrong to voice them in ways that are overly emotional and inaccurate, because this can cause those around us to act out emotionally in negative ways. Reagan’s 1980 campaign line “there you go again,” is a good example of a emotional response to a complaint by his opponent, Carter. Its popularity and the ensuing success of Reagan’s candidacy shows that most people respond more to emotion than to reasoned argumentation. Reagan did not properly answer Carter, but resorted to emotional appeal.

Properly exercising self control and disciplines of the mind and body as a population will help increase the amount of peace we experience in our communities.

Our goal as a law firm is to provide counsel for those who have been convicted of inciting a riot or those who are threatened by such events. We know that it can be disturbing to see the low level of American political dialogue.

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