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Los Angeles Identity Theft Lawyers

April 2, 2022 Uncategorized

Los Angeles Identity Theft Lawyers

Were you a victim of identity theft and you know the person who stole your identity? A legal professional can help you not only press charges against the criminal, but also fight to repair the damage that you could be facing with your credit. Unfortunately, even if this is a person you know and you don’t want to get into a legal battle with them, you may not have another choice. Identity theft can cause several financial problems, and the criminal needs to be held accountable for the stress, hassle and potential financial complications you have to deal with.


Immediate Action

There are things you want to do immediately after you find out that your identity has been compromised, including the following:

  • Call all three credit bureaus and have a hold put on your credit so no one can open new accounts under your identity.
  • Put a freeze on all of your credit or debit cards and banking accounts.
  • File a police report with the evidence you have.
  • Have your mail put on hold at the postal service in case someone was taking information out of your mailbox.


These things can prevent further damage while you are waiting to consult with a lawyer. If someone tries to access your accounts or credit when the accounts have been held, it’s an easy way to track down the criminal.


Legal Charges

If there is enough evidence to prove the person that stole your identity guilty, they could be facing several criminal and federal charges. The criminal could get a misdemeanor or felony charge, should expect to pay fines along with any money that was stolen, and they could do time in jail or prison.

If you want to have damages reversed that occurred to your accounts because the criminal used your credit to take out credit cards, loans or to get cash, you will have to press charges against them.


Settling or Accepting a Plea

If the criminal admits their guilt and makes a plea, or chooses to settle and pay you back the money that is owed, this could be an easy way to get the case closed quickly. Your lawyer will use their plea to clear your credit and financial problems caused from the charges, and then the criminal will face whatever charges the prosecutor or the judge decides to pursue. You may not ever have to enter a courtroom with the accused.

Once the case has been wrapped up you’ll want to enroll in an identity theft protection program to make sure you don’t become a victim to this type of crime again in the future. Being a victim of identity theft alone can be enough to bring your credit score down, even if the person who stole your identity didn’t have enough time to open accounts or steal money. As soon as you are suspicious or have proof that your identity has been stolen and someone has your personal information, contact an identity theft legal professional that can start your case.



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Private: Los angeles Identity Theft Lawyers

March 28, 2018 Uncategorized

Identity theft is on the rise, and California has one of the highest identity theft rates of any state in the country. Many individuals now use smart devices to purchase items, renew licenses, and file their taxes, and they may not know who is tracking or sharing their information.

Identity theft occurs when one individual takes another’s personal identification information and uses it for illegal, fraudulent purposes. Sometimes identity theft occurs when an individual takes another’s credit card and uses it without permission. However, there have been times when the accused was under the assumption that he or she had permission to use the credit card. If you have been charged with identity theft due to a misunderstanding, contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney for help.

When individuals commit identity theft, they usually have a goal to take financial resources from another individual. In addition, individuals sometimes use another’s name, birth date, or social security number to avoid criminal liability. Some common types of identity theft may include:
criminal identity theft;
financial Identity theft;
identity cloning;
medical identity theft;
child identity theft.

What are Defenses to Identity Theft?
When a person who is accused of identity theft hires a reputable criminal defense attorney, there are many defense strategies that can be used, which may include:
Unknowingly using another’s personal information a lack of criminal intent or mistaken identity.

Because identity theft is a serious crime, it is important to contact an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney if you have been charged with this offense. An experienced criminal defense attorney understands what is needed to investigate the circumstances surrounding your case.

What are the Penalties for Identity Theft in California?
In California, a wobbler is a criminal charge that can either be a felony or misdemeanor. Those who are facing felony identity theft charges may be sentenced to three years jail and face a fine up to $10,000. Those are charged with misdemeanor identity theft and found guilty could face up to a year in jail and maximum fine of $1,000.

Those who are charged under the federal identity theft law could face a maximum prison sentence of 30 years. It is important to note that a felony identity theft charge under federal law could mean those found guilty will face incarceration in a state prison.

California Penal Code 530.5 PC
According to California Penal Code 530.5 PC, there are four types of identity theft:

1. When an individual willfully obtains another individual’s personal identifying information for the use of unlawful activity (without the other individual’s consent).

2. When an individual acquires or retains possession of another individual’s personal information with the purpose to commit fraudulent actions.

3. When an individual sells, transfers, or provides another individual’s personal identifying information with another individual who has intentions to commit fraudulent activity.

4. When an individual sells, transfers, or gives personal information to another individual while knowing the information will be used for fraudulent activity.

In addition, California Penal Code 530.5 PC also states that intent to commit fraudulent activity must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt by the prosecution. If the prosecution isn’t able to prove this, then it could lead to a dismissal of the charges.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney Today
If you have been charged with identity theft, you should get in touch with an attorney immediately. A skilled criminal defense attorney can provide you with guidance and help you plan a solid defense.

In addition, if you are found guilty of identity theft, it could influence potential employment offers, loan opportunities, and more because you will have a criminal record. It is difficult to have an identity theft charge expunged from a criminal record, which is another reason why you should have a skilled legal team on your side. To learn more about possible defenses, contact our office today.

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