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Los Angeles Hate Crimes Lawyers

Los Angeles hate crimes involve harassment, threats, vandalism, arson, trespassing, physical injury, or assault brought about by prejudice against an individual’s religion, race, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or ethnicity.

Hate crime convictions in Los Angeles usually result in harsh penalties, such as enormous fines and long jail sentences. If you’ve been charged with a hate crime, we urge you to contact our law firm for good legal counsel. Our Los Angeles hate crime attorneys are highly skilled and experienced.

It is worthwhile to note that with hate crimes, you’ll need to hire a criminal defense attorney with in-depth knowledge of hate crime statutes, since such cases are very volatile.

A misdemeanor offense classified as a hate crime could easy be charged as a felony, depending on the circumstances. To prevent further contact between the affected individual or group and the alleged offender, the offender may be issued with a restraining order.

In a case as serious as a hate crime, you should only be represented by an experienced criminal defense attorney. Our firm has capable litigators, who will work to protect your constitutional rights throughout the whole legal process.

In Los Angeles hate crime cases, the sentence issued normally depends on factors such as:

1. The type of property damage, if any, that occurred
2. The defendant’s criminal history
3. The degree of injuries sustained by the victim
4. Severity of the crime in question
5. Use a deadly weapon

Los Angeles hate crime laws

Laws involving hate crimes can be both criminal and civil. For instance, the Ralph Act, which is found in Civil Code 51.7 and 52, guarantees people as well as their property the right to freedom and safety from violence due to their religion, race, sex, or color. Therefore, if a person’s property is damaged because of his race, the offender could be slapped with a fine of $25,000 as restitution for the hate crime committed against the victim.

Here is a list of common Los Angeles hate crime penal code statutes:

1. CPC § 422.7: if an offense was bias-motivated, it could be charged as a felony even if it is considered a misdemeanor. For instance, although vandalizing a home may be treated misdemeanor, vandalizing a church is a felony due to religious bias. The sentence for such an offense is one year in jail and/or a fine of up to $10,000.
2. CPC § 422.6(a): attempting or interfering with an individual’s constitutional rights is treated as a misdemeanor offense. The penalty for this offense is one year in jail or a fine of up to $5,000.
3. CPC § 422.75: If a hate crime is committed against a specific group of individuals, who have been exhaustively defined in this section, the sentence can be enhanced by a year or three.


1. Enormous fines
2. Lengthy jail sentences
3. Restitution to victims
4. Mandatory counseling

It is easy for one to be wrongfully accused of committing a hate crime, since it’s tough to determine intent. To learn about your constitutional rights as well as the steps to take, when accused of Los Angeles hate crimes, contact our law firm as soon as possible.

Our law firm is well known throughout the city of Los Angeles for the good work we do. We will enlighten you about the details of your case, and explain to you how we can come up with the most appropriate defense for your case.

Our law firm is very reliable. Our attorneys have many years of experience when it comes to providing legal advice for almost all types of clients. Our job is to fight for you, and protect your constitutional rights.

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