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Los Angeles Fraud Lawyers

Los Angeles Fraud Lawyers

Fraud crimes are usually referred to as white collar crimes, since they mostly involve professional or business people. A single fraud offense could result in conviction, and attract harsh penalties. That’s why you need a skilled Los Angeles fraud defense lawyer to handle your case.

It is worthwhile to note that you have the right to remain silent, if arrested or charged with fraud crimes. Don’t speak to the police or prosecutor before you lawyer arrives, because it can badly damage case.

Remember, a fraud crimes attorney also comes in handy even while you are still under investigation. Most people only think of hiring a fraud defense lawyer after they have been arrested or charged. If you hire a lawyer early enough, he or she might even manage to prevent criminal prosecution.

To achieve a good outcome, when faced with fraud charges, it is advisable to hire the best fraud crime attorney. Not all lawyers will be able to navigate the courts effectively, and ensure your freedom. It is important to hire someone who understands the challenges you are facing.

Here are some of the most common fraud offenses that an individual could be accused of:

1. Bank fraud
2. Healthcare fraud
3. Insurance fraud
4. Mail and wire fraud
5. Credit card fraud
6. Pension fraud
7. ERISA fraud
8. Real estate fraud
9. Investment advisory fraud
10. Workers’ compensation fraud
11. Embezzlement
12. RICO violations

Fraud crime cases are not always easy to handle. They often involve analyzing complex financial documents.

Los Angeles Fraud Crime Penalties

The penalties for fraud crimes in Los Angeles are quite severe. More often than not, the penalty depends on factors such as the specific offense committed and the criminal record of the offender.

Here are examples of fraud crimes, along with the likely punishment:

Bank fraud: the penalties for bank fraud include a fine of $1,000,000 and a jail time of up to 30 years in prison.

Healthcare fraud: Various circumstances will determine the penalties for a healthcare fraud. Punishment also depends on the specific type of fraud one has been accused of: medical billing fraud, Medicare fraud, or any other healthcare fraud.

For example you will be slapped with a fine of up to $10,000 and jail time of one year, if you happen to be accused of misdemeanor Med-Cal fraud. The penalties are even greater if you are convicted on felony charges. One could be imprisoned for life if a person dies as a result of the fraud crime. But if no individuals suffer serious bodily injury, or lose their lives, the prison sentence will be between 16 months and five years.

Mail fraud: a jail time of up to 30 years in county or state prison and fines of up to $1,000,000. The punishment for mail fraud depends on whether a federally-insured financial institution was involved in the fraud crime.

You can clearly see that the consequences you could face if convicted are very serious.

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