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Los Angeles Fraud Information

The Los Angeles fraud laws cover a wide range of civil tort actions and crimes that mostly address situations in which people obtain funds and other benefits by cheating. In a criminal perspective fraud is charged as a felony meaning that a person can be convicted for more than one year. Fraud penalties in Los Angeles can also involve community service, restitution, statutory fines, and loss of civil rights that are associated with a felony conviction. When a defendant is taken to court financial compensation is mostly the main remedy that a plaintiff demands.


Fraud cases are complex and they involve loss of money to victims. Due to the nature of fraud crimes, the defendant can either be prosecuted by a state or federal agency. In recent times fraud cases are being investigated and prosecuted aggressively. In Los Angeles, there are prosecution units that have been set up to solve these cases. When a person is facing fraud charges their best bet would be to contract a strong fraud attorney. It is advisable to consult an experienced fraud attorney because Los Angeles has the most aggressive prosecutors around the country.


Types of Common Fraud Crimes


Fraud criminalities make a big percentage of cases that are entered every day in the United States. The two most common types of fraud include check and credit card fraud. Check fraud is the most widespread because a person can write a check to purchase goods or services knowing that the account does not have enough money to cover that transaction. In many states there is a misconception that bouncing a check intentionally is tolerated by the law enforcers which is not the case. Those involved in investigation enforce strict measures especially to repeat offenders and can result in jail term without bail.


Other than the credit card and check offenses there are other forms of financial fraud including money laundering, counterfeiting, investment schemes, foreclosure, and mortgage scams among many others. Some common types of non-financial fraud activities include identity theft and overseas romance schemes that are meant to give non-US citizens immigration benefits. There are always new schemes that are being created leading to enforcement of new laws to fight new fraud crimes. Therefore, it is always important to proceed with fraud cases with a professional fraud attorney.


Fraudulent Intent


Proving fraud cases can be a difficult task even for experienced government prosecutors who have investigation agencies at their disposal. The difficult part is not to establish that the victim has suffered a loss because there are financial documents that can be used as prove. Similarly, the documents can also be used to prove that a defendant caused the victim’s losses. However, the case can become difficult to prove that the defendant is guilty if there is not enough evidence that proves that they purposefully committed fraud.


Fraud Cases in Civil Courts


It is possible for victims of fraud to receive back their money after a criminal case has been concluded and the defendant has been convicted. However, there are some issues that can arise in a civil court that can lead to the defendant walking away free without getting punished even when there is proof. A defendant can go unpunished due to the violation of constitutional rights committed by the officers or prosecutorial errors among many other reasons.


Why You Need A Professional Fraud Attorney


It does not matter whether you are a victim of deceit or you have been charged with fraud you should remember that you have the right to be silent and not to speak to the police or any prosecutor in the absence of a fraud attorney. Get a skilled fraud attorney who can protect your rights today.

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