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Los angeles Forging or Altering a Prescription lawyers

Utilizing Los Angeles Forging or Altering a Prescription Lawyers
Altering or forging a prescription in the state of California is a serious offense, one you should certainly be working closely with a skilled attorney if you have hopes of getting the charges lessened or possibly dismissed. A person could be arrested if they a forge a prescription for narcotic drugs, possess drugs used with an altered prescription, or use the prescription that was altered for the purpose of acquiring narcotics.

Here are a few defenses your Los Angeles forging or altering a prescription lawyer could use to get you a favorable ruling in court;

The Prescription Was Legitimate
One of the ways that the Los Angeles forging or altering a prescription lawyer can effectively defend the case is to show the court that the prescription was in fact legitimate. In this example, you got the prescription from your doctor, but unknowingly to you, your doctor was being investigated for writing false prescriptions. When you tried to use the prescription to get the Oxycontin your doctor wrote, you were arrested. In this example, the prescription was legit in your eyes, so the case should be dropped.

Not Knowing the Prescription Was Forged
All you were doing was picking up a prescription for a family member or friend, and was not aware they changed the amount on the prescription. Instead of getting 6 pills, the number was altered to show 60, and you were arrested. Even though the prescription was altered, you did not have any knowledge it was changed before given to you, so no violation occurred.

Not Using a Forged Prescription
Despite being in possession of a forged or altered prescription for narcotics, you never attempted to get the medication. Your Los Angeles forging or altering a prescription lawyer may be able to show that you purchased the prescription with the intent of using, but had a change of heart. Although too scared to use the prescription, you still had it in your possession when discovered by a fellow employee who called the police. Although in possession of the document, because it was never used, your attorney can argue that you did not violate California law.

Not Knowing Drugs Were Obtained Illegally
Your Los Angeles forging or altering a prescription lawyer could also argue the fact that you didn’t know the drugs you purchased were in fact acquired with an altered prescription. You have a friend who uses the same medication, and they had several pills left over, so you bought them. Your attorney will argue you were not aware the person selling you the drugs used the altered prescription.

Not Knowing the Drugs Were Present
There are many cases where the person charged with drug possession acquired from an altered prescription simply claims they did not know the drugs were there. It could be a case of someone trying to hide the evidence so they plant it in a vehicle or backpack of a friend, but the police discovered the drugs and charged the wrong person. If this was the case, your attorney will show the other person not only has a history of drug abuse, they admitted to the crime after the fact, so the charges should be dropped.

Drugs Discovered During Illegal Search
Your Los Angeles forging or altering a prescription lawyer might argue that the police officer who found the prescriptions in your possession did so after an illegal search. It could be that you were pulled over by an officer for running a red light, and the aggressive officer asked the driver to take a breath test and step out of the car even though they exhibited no signs of being intoxicated. The officer might have searched the vehicle to discover the drugs, but did so illegally. In this instance, without probable cause, the case must be thrown out of court.

These are serious charges, something a skilled Los Angeles forging or altering a prescription lawyer can help defend in court if you were charged or arrested. Never try to defend yourself in these difficult cases without legal representation or you risk jail time, serious fines, and a permanent mark on your record.

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