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Los Angeles Foreclosure Fraud Lawyers

Los Angeles Foreclosure Fraud

Ever since the sub-prime crisis in 2008, the housing market across the country has been slowly recovering. One of the principal issues surrounding the sub-prime crisis is that there has been many individuals who were given mortgages who were unable to successfully complete their mortgage payments on time. As a result, there have been many foreclosures on homes. Due to these foreclosures, there has been a propensity for fraud in terms of the mortgage company and the individual who originally took out the mortgage who is no longer able to make timely payments.

Foreclosure fraud is defined by the state of California as anyone who purposefully tries to charge a consumer fees in connection with a mortgage that are not ethical or are not designated towards the original mortgage agreement. Foreclosure fraud is also possible when a real estate agent tries to collect any sort of commission on a foreclosure. On the side of the individual who took out the mortgage, many people have also committed mortgage fraud by claiming that they have less resources than they do in order to avoid being liable for a mortgage long term.

Given the severity of the implications of foreclosure fraud one one’s credit score and criminal record, it is important to retain counsel if you are in the midst of having to foreclose on your home for legitimate reasons. By doing so, you will have a trained legal professional looking over any and all legal documents that you need to sign in order to successfully, legally, and ethically foreclose on your home. Your legal counsel will also be able to advise you if the transaction that you are entering to complete your foreclosure has any potential areas that may be fraudulent. Particularly in relation to your real estate agent, your attorney will be able to guide you through working with ethical real estate agents that will not cause unnecessary to your finances.

Our law firm is an expert in working with cases that are involving foreclosure proceedings. Our clients greatly appreciate our attorney’s knowledge and attention to detail when it comes to foreclosure proceedings because there are so many avenues in which the transaction can be subject to fraud. Furthermore, if you are being accused of conducting yourself in a fraudulent way in terms of your foreclosure transaction, we are absolutely here to assist you in your pending legal matter.

In order to ascertain whether our firm is a good fit for your upcoming case, it is highly recommended to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our associate attorneys. During this consultation appointment, our associate attorney will learn about the pertinent facts in your pending case. If it is determined that our firm is a good fit for your upcoming case, we will draft a retainer agreement in which you agree to allow us to serve as your legal counsel for a fixed price. Once you make this decision, we will assist you thought the course of your legal matter. Thus, do not hesitate to contact us today. We would be elated to assist you in your upcoming legal matter.

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