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Los Angeles Felony Hit & Run Lawyers

Los Angeles Felony Hit & Run Lawyers

Were you the driver in a hit and run accident, and you fled the scene when another vehicle was damaged and another person was harmed? If so, finding a criminal defense attorney before speaking with any police officers or authorities about the accident is imperative for your case. You don’t want to say anything that can damage your case, and you want to know what the authorities have on you before you admit to anything. Here are a few things to realize when facing hit and run charges.

Potential Charges and Penalties

The severity of damage done to the victims vehicle, and if there were any bodily injuries, will influence how severe the charges and penalties are. You could get a misdemeanor or felony charge, and should expect to have a license suspension or other driving privileges revoked. If you are charged with a hit and run you should expect to be penalized financially with fines, and you could do time in jail. If you harmed someone badly, or even took a life, you could do time in prison for leaving the scene of the accident.

You want an experienced hit and run lawyer that can get to the bottom of the accident, to see if the other drivers were really injured, or if they are trying to get a settlement. This is important since the severity of their injuries greatly influences your charges and punishment. If someone died, you could be facing charges of vehicular manslaughter.


Is there enough evidence for them to identify you as the driver of the hit and run incident? Are there any eye witnesses or cameras that recorded the accident, or is the other driver and police, assuming its use because of your make of vehicle? You need to discuss with your lawyer what evidence they have, what condition your car is in, and if they have enough information and evidence to prosecute you.

Plea Deal

If the cops have your license plate number or they have seen the damage that was done to your vehicle, your lawyer may want you to turn yourself in, or they may want to try to make a plea deal with the prosecution working on the case. They also may talk with the judge. A plea deal may be successful if it’s your first time committing a crime, or if the injuries to the other driver are minor. A criminal lawyer who has dealt with this type of case previously can look at the evidence to let you know if a plea deal is best.

As the driver of a hit and run it’s best to stay calm and meet with a lawyer, so the lawyer can get more details about the case before you make any moves. You don’t want to admit to guilt if the damage or the injuries aren’t severe and the case is being blown out of proportion, and you want to have a good defense and plea if the other driver was hurt badly.

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