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Los Angeles Federal Criminal Lawyers

If you’re facing federal charges in California, then you need a competent, aggressive criminal defense attorney working for you. Federal criminal charges are serious. With mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines it’s not unusual to see terms of a decade or longer in connection with federal crimes in Los Angeles. The federal crimes defense attorneys at this firm are prepared to fight for our client’s rights in even the most complex matters. Contact us today to learn more about fighting federal charges.

Looking for a Los Angeles Federal Crimes Attorney

If at all possible, it is advisable to retain the services of a defense attorney when your case is still in the investigative stages. This way your attorney can ensure the protection of all of your Constitutional rights. Your defense lawyer is there to provide guidance right when you need it most. Occasionally, it’s possible to prevent charges from ever being filed. Even when this is not the case, your federal crimes defense lawyer will be better prepared to defend you in court should charges be filed and should a trial become necessary.

By engaging a Los Angeles federal crimes defense attorney sooner rather than later, you will benefit from having sage legal advice right from the beginning. In fact, it’s probably not advisable to speak with investigators or other government representatives without hiring an attorney first. Your attorney can appear with you at any interviews or appointments to protect your interests and guarantee that the government respects your rights. Do not speak with any government representatives without having an attorney present.

Of course, hiring a federal crimes defense attorney is also possible after you have been charged or indicted. It’s still possible to mount an aggressive defense, and your attorney can also comprehensively review the investigation process to see if your Constitutional rights were violated. For instance, your attorney will research all of the facts that led to your arrest to make certain that law enforcement personnel did not violate your rights. Search warrants and evidence-gathering methods will also be up for a stringent review. Any irregularities spotted by your California federal crimes defense attorney will be used to strengthen your case and perhaps even get it dismissed.

Which Crimes Are Considered Federal Crimes in California?

As in the rest of the U.S., a great many types of crimes are prosecuted at the federal level in California. These crimes may include:

-Immigration violations
-Drug crimes
-Identity theft
-Child pornography
-Money laundering
-Wire fraud
-Bank fraud
-Sex crimes
-Weapons offenses
-Antitrust violations
-Bankruptcy fraud
-Insider trading

Although a Los Angeles federal crimes defense lawyer may work with a client regarding any of these charges, drug violations are among the most common. Many drug crimes are investigated at the state level. However, when a drug-related offense involves a larger drug trafficking operation that may reach more than one state or even another country it will typically gain the attention of federal authorities. Even smaller cases where an individual crossed state lines with an amount of cocaine suitable for personal use may be facing federal charges. Some of these cases are investigated by the FBI and the DEA, meaning that the defendant is up against powerful foes. In these instances, it’s always wise to choose a trusted, experienced California federal crimes attorney.

A Prosecution with Unlimited Resources Requires a Powerful Defense

Federal authorities tend not to actually charge someone with a crime unless they feel they have a particularly strong case. The vast resources of the federal government allow it to pursue cases with impunity, and this often means that they overstep their authority. Federal prosecutors have been known to overcharge defendants and violate their Constitutional rights. Too often they get away with it because the defendant does not have an attorney or because their attorney doesn’t have a complete understanding of the federal process. You can avoid these mistakes by speaking with one of the attorneys at this firm today.

Federal Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Guidelines

The government has enacted mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines that give federal court judges little latitude when it comes to sentencing defendants. This can mean serving a very long term in federal prison even for a first offense. Sample sentences include three years for bringing an illegal alien into the country, 10 years for distributing five kilograms or more of cocaine and a sentence of death or life in prison for first degree murder. Clearly, these are all serious consequences, and it would be in your best interests to have the charges against you reduced or dropped. If you are being investigated by federal law enforcement agencies, it is in your best interests to retain qualified legal counsel as soon as you can.

Delivering Results for People Facing Federal Criminal Charges in Los Angeles

Your future and your family’s well-being are at stake when you are facing federal criminal charges. The government is known for taking a hard stance against crime and for prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law. Accordingly, you need an aggressive, experienced defense attorney working on your case.

The practitioners at this firm have considerable experience when it comes to defending clients who are facing criminal charges at the federal level. Schedule a meeting with one of our seasoned Los Angeles federal crime defense attorneys today. Hiring the right attorney can mean the difference between freedom and a federal prison sentence.

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