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Los Angeles Federal Crimes Lawyers

Los Angeles Federal Crimes Lawyers

In Los Angeles, federal crimes are prosecuted the same way they are across the United States. Unlike state crimes that might only apply to California, federal crimes are violations of the U.S. criminal code and are the same in every state. If you have been charged with a federal crime in Los Angeles, make sure to hire an attorney who is experienced in defending people accused of federal crimes.

federal crimes are different than state crimes and typically come with much more serious penalties. Therefore, it is important that your criminal defense lawyer knows how to deal with the federal system. You have a lot to lose.

The maximum sentences for federal crimes are higher than you would get if you were accused of a state crime, which means you have a lot more at stake if you are convicted of a federal crime. Due to mandatory sentencing laws, federal prosecutors do not have as much discretion as state prosecutors do to negotiate plea bargains. federal court judges also do not have as much discretion to issue a lighter sentence. All of this means that you need to hire the federal lawyer possible to defend you of such a serious crime.

There are many different types of federal crimes that range from mail fraud to drug trafficking. Sometimes a state crime is prosecuted as a federal crime if the crime can qualify. If you commit a state crime while also committing a federal crime, you can be charged in federal court for both crimes. For example, bank robbery is a federal crime. Murder is usually a state crime. If you kill someone while robbing a bank, you will likely be prosecuted in federal court for both crimes.

No matter what type of federal crime you are accused of, it is imperative to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. Your defense team will work with you early on in the investigation to determine whether or not it is in your interest to cooperate with the government. Your defense lawyers will also help you figure out whether or not you are better off entering into plea bargain negotiations with the prosecution. Since the circumstances are different in each case, it is imperative to get your case evaluated by a qualified defense attorney before engaging with government officials or investigators in any way.

The federal government has been cracking down on crime more severely since 9/11. The government has also supplied the federal court system with more resources to try to prove people guilty in order to get conviction rates up. The federal government wants to appear to be tough on crime and does not want a reputation for letting guilty people walk free. Unfortunately, all of this means that innocent people will sometimes end up in prison for crimes they did not commit. More often, people who committed a lesser crime will end up convicted with a much harsher sentence than they deserve.

The federal government relies on the fact that the average person does not have the legal experience to know his rights. The federal government also is not afraid to lie or use aggressive tactics to try to get information out of people. The government knows that many people will not be able to hire the lawyer and will have to rely on inexperienced public defenders in court. The biggest mistake anyone accused of a federal crime can make is not to hire an experienced lawyer right from the beginning.

If you live in Los Angeles, federal crimes lawyers can help get the charges against you dropped, negotiate with the government for lesser charges, or get you the sentence possible depending on your case.

Federal crimes result in serious penalties according to California law. The problem with federal crimes is the sheer complexity of this type of crime. There are dozens of individual crimes that fall into the category of federal crimes, and each one is individually prosecuted and handled by a court of law. federal crimes can be blatant crimes such as tax evasion or espionage, or they can be innocent and unnoticed by the average consumer.

What is a federal crime?

There are many federal crimes, and they fall with a broad spectrum of different crimes. If you are caught committing a federal crime, you could be arrested and charged with serious penalties and consequences.

– Tax crimes
– Accounting fraud
– Espionage
– Controlled substance violations
– Drug manufacturing
– Conspiracy
– Export/import crimes
– Health care fraud
– Internet fraud
– Social security fraud
– Bank fraud
– Securities fraud

There are more than 100 different types of federal crimes, and any one of the could cause to go to jail, pay fines, and even face criminal charges of a different nature. federal crimes are not handled by the state in which you live, but rather by the federal government when the crime is discovered and there is enough evidence to charge you with the crime.

Penalties for a federal Crime

If you are charged with a federal crime, a federal agent will come to your door and speak with you. This agent will tell you what you’re being charged with and potentially take you into custody if it’s required. There is very little you can do about this at this point, and it’s difficult to overcome this type of punishment.

It’s difficult to say what you will face in terms of penalties if you’re arrested for a federal crime such as terrorism rather than a crime such as accounting fraud. You could be sentenced to death, imprisoned for the rest of your life, deported, or even sent to jail for several years while paying hefty fees and expenses. It all depends on the type of crime you commit and how it affects the case.

Defenses For a federal Crime

Depending on the type of crime you are accused of committing, there are literally hundreds of defenses you can use in a court of law. If you are guilty of not paying child support as a federal offense, you can fight the charge by proving you’ve been out of work and unable to make the payments. If you’re accused of accounting fraud and you didn’t know this was going on in your place of work, you have a defense right there. In some instances, some people simply don’t realize they are breaking any laws. federal paperwork is very difficult to understand, and many people make common mistakes when they are filing their income tax returns, when they make statements, and when they are in the middle of filing paperwork for a mortgage.

If you are charged with any type of federal crime, it’s imperative you call an attorney right away. federal agents do not deal with the vast number of cases regular law enforcement agents deal with. This means your trial could start quickly and the entire process could move forward rapidly. You need to have an attorney on your side who is able to fight for you and help you with your case.

You have a right, and it’s time to enact that right to hire an attorney to work with you to prove you don’t have a federal crime stacked up against you. Do not sign anything or speak to anyone until you have your lawyer present. These cases are not simple cases, and anything you say will be used against you if you don’t stay silent until your attorney arrives. This is not the kind of case you want to handle on your own, and it’s not going to help you if you don’t hire an attorney with experience working federal crimes. Call your attorney right away. It pays to make this call immediately rather than wait until it’s too late.

If you’re facing federal charges in California, then you need a competent, aggressive criminal defense attorney working for you. Federal criminal charges are serious. With mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines it’s not unusual to see terms of a decade or longer in connection with federal crimes in Los Angeles. The federal crimes defense attorneys at this firm are prepared to fight for our client’s rights in even the most complex matters. Contact us today to learn more about fighting federal charges.

Looking for a Los Angeles federal Crimes Attorney

If at all possible, it is advisable to retain the services of a defense attorney when your case is still in the investigative stages. This way your attorney can ensure the protection of all of your Constitutional rights. Your defense lawyer is there to provide guidance right when you need it most. Occasionally, it’s possible to prevent charges from ever being filed. Even when this is not the case, your federal crimes defense lawyer will be better prepared to defend you in court should charges be filed and should a trial become necessary.

By engaging a Los Angeles federal crimes defense attorney sooner rather than later, you will benefit from having sage legal advice right from the beginning. In fact, it’s probably not advisable to speak with investigators or other government representatives without hiring an attorney first. Your attorney can appear with you at any interviews or appointments to protect your interests and guarantee that the government respects your rights. Do not speak with any government representatives without having an attorney present.

Of course, hiring a federal crimes defense attorney is also possible after you have been charged or indicted. It’s still possible to mount an aggressive defense, and your attorney can also comprehensively review the investigation process to see if your Constitutional rights were violated. For instance, your attorney will research all of the facts that led to your arrest to make certain that law enforcement personnel did not violate your rights. Search warrants and evidence-gathering methods will also be up for a stringent review. Any irregularities spotted by your California federal crimes defense attorney will be used to strengthen your case and perhaps even get it dismissed.

Which Crimes Are Considered federal Crimes in California?

As in the rest of the U.S., a great many types of crimes are prosecuted at the federal level in California. These crimes may include:

-Immigration violations
-Drug crimes
-Identity theft
-Child pornography
-Money laundering
-Wire fraud
-Bank fraud
-Sex crimes
-Weapons offenses
-Antitrust violations
-Bankruptcy fraud
-Insider trading

Although a Los Angeles federal crimes defense lawyer may work with a client regarding any of these charges, drug violations are among the most common. Many drug crimes are investigated at the state level. However, when a drug-related offense involves a larger drug trafficking operation that may reach more than one state or even another country it will typically gain the attention of federal authorities. Even smaller cases where an individual crossed state lines with an amount of cocaine suitable for personal use may be facing federal charges. Some of these cases are investigated by the FBI and the DEA, meaning that the defendant is up against powerful foes. In these instances, it’s always wise to choose a trusted, experienced California federal crimes attorney.

A Prosecution with Unlimited Resources Requires a Powerful Defense

federal authorities tend not to actually charge someone with a crime unless they feel they have a particularly strong case. The vast resources of the federal government allow it to pursue cases with impunity, and this often means that they overstep their authority. federal prosecutors have been known to overcharge defendants and violate their Constitutional rights. Too often they get away with it because the defendant does not have an attorney or because their attorney doesn’t have a complete understanding of the federal process. You can avoid these mistakes by speaking with one of the attorneys at this firm today.

federal Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Guidelines

The government has enacted mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines that give federal court judges little latitude when it comes to sentencing defendants. This can mean serving a very long term in federal prison even for a first offense. Sample sentences include three years for bringing an illegal alien into the country, 10 years for distributing five kilograms or more of cocaine and a sentence of death or life in prison for first degree murder. Clearly, these are all serious consequences, and it would be in your interests to have the charges against you reduced or dropped. If you are being investigated by federal law enforcement agencies, it is in your interests to retain qualified legal counsel as soon as you can.

Delivering Results for People Facing federal Criminal Charges in Los Angeles

Your future and your family’s well-being are at stake when you are facing federal criminal charges. The government is known for taking a hard stance against crime and for prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law. Accordingly, you need an aggressive, experienced defense attorney working on your case.

The practitioners at this firm have considerable experience when it comes to defending clients who are facing criminal charges at the federal level. Schedule a meeting with one of our seasoned Los Angeles federal crime defense attorneys today. Hiring the right attorney can mean the difference between freedom and a federal prison sentence.

I’ve been charged with a federal crime. What now?

Remain silent

First, decline to answer any law enforcement questions. Though this may seem like belaboring the obvious, broken-record attorney advice, every day in America, thousands of arrest subjects still succumb to law enforcement pressure and talk without an attorney present. Law enforcement uses a number of tricks to convince people to waive their 5th Amendment rights.

Law enforcement may promise deals or leniency, imply that silence is an admission of guilt, or otherwise threaten or coerce investigative targets. Resist the temptation, no matter the pressure, and call an attorney who specializes in federal court criminal defense. Anything you say will be used against you. Statements made to law enforcement drastically lessen your chances of success at trial, while also giving the government more leverage in plea negotiations. When you consult an experienced federal criminal lawyer, you are assured that the only statements you make are the ones that help your case.

Hire a lawyer with specific experience in federal criminal law

federal and state courts are different animals. Experience in state courts does not equate to federal experience. federal courts follow different procedures. federal judges adhere to different precedents. Rules of evidence are different, as are the laws themselves. federal courts tend to deal in much more serious charges. federal laws often provide for stiffer penalties.

In the federal prison system, there is no early release. With years or decades of your life at stake, you need the possible representation. Building the skills necessary to successfully defend clients in federal court takes years of practice. To ensure that you receive the discharge of charges or plea deal that you deserve, always contact an attorney who is experienced in federal criminal defense.

Avoid speaking to anyone about your case, except your lawyer

When you speak to a criminal lawyer, your communications are privileged. When you speak to anyone else about your case, your statements could be used as evidence against you. Even statements that you think are perfectly innocent and show your lack of culpability could actually be turned against you.

This happens for several reasons, including people misunderstanding or misinterpreting your statements. A statement you make could also seem to contradict evidence, even if it doesn’t in reality. Law enforcement may also misconstrue your statement to make it fit their narrative. You could even be the target of malicious intent by the person you make statements to. In some cases, people lie to law enforcement about what a defendant said for personal gain.

If held in custody, it is imperative that you speak to no one about your case. The only way to protect yourself is to remain silent about the case at all times.

You have the right to bail

If you are in custody, you have the right to bail. Law enforcement cannot hold bail over your head by trying to convince you to make admissions in exchange for bail. Remain silent and call a lawyer. If bail is too high, discuss the matter with your lawyer, who may be able to get bail reduced. There are also many options for raising bail, including friends and family, loans, property bonds, and even charitable organizations.

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