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Los Angeles Federal Crimes Lawyers

Los Angeles Federal Crimes Lawyers

In Los Angeles, federal crimes are prosecuted the same way they are across the United States. Unlike state crimes that might only apply to California, federal crimes are violations of the U.S. criminal code and are the same in every state. If you have been charged with a federal crime in Los Angeles, make sure to hire an attorney who is experienced in defending people accused of federal crimes.

Federal crimes are different than state crimes and typically come with much more serious penalties. Therefore, it is important that your criminal defense lawyer knows how to deal with the federal system. You have a lot to lose.

The maximum sentences for federal crimes are higher than you would get if you were accused of a state crime, which means you have a lot more at stake if you are convicted of a federal crime. Due to mandatory sentencing laws, federal prosecutors do not have as much discretion as state prosecutors do to negotiate plea bargains. Federal court judges also do not have as much discretion to issue a lighter sentence. All of this means that you need to hire the best federal lawyer possible to defend you of such a serious crime.

There are many different types of federal crimes that range from mail fraud to drug trafficking. Sometimes a state crime is prosecuted as a federal crime if the crime can qualify. If you commit a state crime while also committing a federal crime, you can be charged in federal court for both crimes. For example, bank robbery is a federal crime. Murder is usually a state crime. If you kill someone while robbing a bank, you will likely be prosecuted in federal court for both crimes.

No matter what type of federal crime you are accused of, it is imperative to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. Your defense team will work with you early on in the investigation to determine whether or not it is in your best interest to cooperate with the government. Your defense lawyers will also help you figure out whether or not you are better off entering into plea bargain negotiations with the prosecution. Since the circumstances are different in each case, it is imperative to get your case evaluated by a qualified defense attorney before engaging with government officials or investigators in any way.

The federal government has been cracking down on crime more severely since 9/11. The government has also supplied the federal court system with more resources to try to prove people guilty in order to get conviction rates up. The federal government wants to appear to be tough on crime and does not want a reputation for letting guilty people walk free. Unfortunately, all of this means that innocent people will sometimes end up in prison for crimes they did not commit. More often, people who committed a lesser crime will end up convicted with a much harsher sentence than they deserve.

The federal government relies on the fact that the average person does not have the legal experience to know his rights. The federal government also is not afraid to lie or use aggressive tactics to try to get information out of people. The government knows that many people will not be able to hire the best lawyer and will have to rely on inexperienced public defenders in court. The biggest mistake anyone accused of a federal crime can make is not to hire an experienced lawyer right from the beginning.

If you live in Los Angeles, federal crimes lawyers can help get the charges against you dropped, negotiate with the government for lesser charges, or get you the best sentence possible depending on your case.

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