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Impersonation, commonly known as false personation is a crime in Los Angeles. One is said to perform this crime when: they falsely pretend to be someone else either in their private or public capacity and perform such acts that would warrant the person being impersonated being held liable for prosecution, lawsuit or become obliged to pay money, or that which might benefit you.

Penalties for False Representation

Los Angeles false impersonation is known as a wobbler. The prosecutor is at liberty to charge you either for felony or misdemeanor. The decision of the prosecutor will derive its base from the precise nature of the said allegations, and or the defendant’s criminal history.

In the case of demeanor, false personation has the following penalties: one year in jail, $10,000 fine and or a misdemeanor summary probation. For a felony, potential penalties are formal probation, two or three years in prison, and or a fine not exceeding $10,000. Persons convicted of false personation are not allowed to own or hold firearms.

Legal Defenses

In case you are charged with false personation in Los Angeles, an experienced attorney specializing in fraud crime can help. The attorney will evaluate your situation and give the legal advice on whether these defenses can be applicable in your case. These defenses are:

1. You did not commit an additional act.

The requirement that an accused person commits another addition act- that is beyond his or her falsely introducing himself as another party is an important matter in the penal code. The additional action must be entirely distinct from that where you present yourself as another party. Example, showing an identification card or documents of the person you are impersonating does not amount to an additional act.

2. You did not benefit directly or indirectly from the impersonation.

Committing a new act does not automatically make a person guilty of impersonation. The further act should either: create a financial or legal liability for the party being impersonated or create an unwarranted benefit to you.

3. You were accused falsely and mistakenly identified.

Outright innocence is the best defense. Charges will be dismissed if you and your attorney can gather sufficient evidence to prove that someone falsely accused you, or that you are a victim of faulty identity. An example is where you get someone impersonating another, you reprimand him and promise to report, but before you do it, he goes ahead and reports you as the culprit. Different scenarios exist where a person may be accused falsely-our criminal defense lawyers have the requisite knowledge and skills about these matters.


You should be aware that false impersonation is a far-reaching criminal offense carrying severe legal consequences, it is, and therefore, important that you consult an experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense lawyer immediately you are charged. Such an attorney should appreciate false impersonation charges result from temporary judgment lapse and should, therefore, strive to ensure that the client gets the best legal representation possible.

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