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Los Angeles Fake IDs Lawyers

Accused of Holding a Fake ID? We Can Help!

Underage girls and boys living in Los Angeles may not be able to resist the temptation of getting a fake ID, especially when they are being sold out in the open and for under a hundred dollars. A fake ID can be used to buy alcohol and cigarettes, as well as for getting into the local bars and dance clubs meant for adults aged 21 and over. Teens in LA are saying it is still easy as ever to get a fake ID if you know where to look to purchase one. Fake IDs are now being produced to match real ones, such as a driver’s license with magnetic strips and genuine-looking holograms.

If you are caught in the act of using a fake ID in LA, the consequences can be pretty hefty. Offenders may face a felony prosecution, which includes anywhere from $250 to $1,000 in fines, up to six months in a county jail, and 32 hours of community service. Even attempting to purchase a fake ID is a crime in LA. This is punishable by up to $250 of fines, 36 hours of community service and a possible one-year loss of driving privileges. The DMV, or Department of Motor Vehicles, is actively working alongside bar and club owners to catch minors in the act of using their fake IDs.

We are a law firm that wants to help you if you have been caught either attempting to buy a fake ID or in the act of using one. Our professional and dedicated lawyers will work tirelessly to ensure you get the minimum sentence and fines according to the laws of the state. If you are unsure of the technical legal definition of a fake ID according to California criminal law, consider the following: Any identification card that has been issued by a governmental agency cannot be altered, forged, falsified, duplicated, counterfeited, or reproduced. If you intend to use your fake ID to commit a forgery, then you may be arrested and charged with fraud under California Penal Code 470b. Our legal office will help you if this is the case.

We are an experienced law firm that can help. Our lawyers may use a number of defenses in your case. For example:

You were not aware the ID was altered or fake.

You cannot be found guilty under Penal Code 470b unless you were fully aware that the ID was fake or altered. The prosecutor on your case will have to prove that you did know it was fake, beyond a reasonable doubt. If the fake ID in your possession contains information about you that is completely accurate, it can be argued that you had no idea the ID was fake.

You weren’t using the ID to commit fraud

Under California’s fake ID law, prosecutors must prove that you intended to use your fake ID to commit fraud. If you were only caught with the ID in your possession, and hadn’t used it, it can be difficult to prove that you were intending to use it unlawfully.

The fake ID was not in your actual possession

You may be charged with possession of a fake ID in LA even though it was not yours. It could belong to your friend, roommate, sister, etc., and you never even knew it was there. A qualified law firm will help you prove that you didn’t even know of its existence, which will help you in your defense.

Contact us today for information regarding your fake ID in LA. We will provide you with the best legal representation possible.

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