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Los Angeles Failure to Appear on a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Los Angeles Failure to Appear on a Traffic Ticket (Vehicle Code 40508)

Failure to Appear in court
If you have a Failure to Appear in court warrant for a traffic ticket, it’s important that you clear it up as soon as possible so you will be able to get your driver’s privileges back. Our experienced attorneys can help you maneuver through the process to get your ticket resolved and your license returned.

Signing your traffic ticket
When you signed your traffic ticket from the police, you gave them a written promise that you would go to court. By not doing so, you have failed to resolve your ticket and you could receive a misdemeanor charge which is a criminal offense.

Our attorneys can help you through the court process. Especially if you have never been to court and you haven’t see a judge about your ticket yet, our attorneys can go to court for you and clear up your driver license issue so you can get it back with a few days.

What is a Failure to Appear VC 40508(a)?
A Failure to Appear is a warrant or a hold for Failure To Appear in court for a traffic ticket. When you are given a traffic ticket and you do not appear to deal with the ticket by the due date, you can be:
• Charged with a misdemeanor
• Face a large fine
• Face a suspended license or hold on your license

Failure to Appear Excuses
• You were away in the military
• You were away in jail
• You were in the hospital

You must also provide documentation to prove that these things were real.

Missing your court date
It is up to you to make sure you appear in court on the date give on the traffic ticket. Most courts will not send you a reminder notice of your court date and when you miss it, the court automatically contacts the California Department of Motor Vehicles to suspend your license if you fail to appear in court for your traffic ticket.

Penalties for Failure to Appear
A Failure to Appear for a traffic ticket can have one of the following penalties:

• A bench warrant will be issued

The court will issue a bench warrant only on a misdemeanor charge. You can be arrested and placed in jail while you await arraignment or you will be asked to sign a another promise to appear in court on another date.

$300 Civil Assessment
You can also have a civil assessment of $300 imposed per the 1214.1 Penal Code. This allows the court to impose an assessment on any individual who fails to appear in court after receiving notice and not have good cause for any court proceeding that was authorized by law or who has failed to pay a fine or portion of a fine ordered by a court.

Department of Motor Vehicles Hold
The Department of Motor Vehicles can place a hold on your driving privileges and your registration. If you fail to appear in court, a DMV hold can eventually result in a suspension of your license.

If you need help fighting your fine, reinstating your license and clear up a Failure to Appear warrant, call our experienced attorneys who are here to help. We will help you fight the charges and help you to reduce your fines. We are here to make sure your get the best possible outcome for your case.

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