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Los Angeles Expungements Lawyers

 Los Angeles Expungements Lawyers

If you are looking to clean up a criminal record or get an expungement, contact our experienced attorneys to guide you through the process. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of cases of expungements and they can answer your questions and make sure the process if followed correctly.

Certain cases can be expunged from an official criminal record in the State of California like contacts with police officers. It has gotten more difficult to get certain things expunged from a criminal record and it is important to contact an experienced attorney who understands the new laws. For example, previously if you had a DUI in Los Angeles and you had finished your probation and had also successfully complied with all the terms that were ordered by the court for you to complete, you could get an expungement. The law now requires that you get a full hearing in front of the court to get an expungement. In most of the cases, the prosecutor will object to providing you with an expungement and it will be up to the judge to decide if you should have it expunged or not. If you do not have the correct representation with you in court, you may not get a successful motion in your favor.

The court hearing may also require having witnesses and evidence that you complied with all the court requirements. You will also need to have a formal motion filed on your behalf and also bring a legal argument in front of the judge to be successful in getting the motion.

In some cases, getting an expungement involving an arrest or conviction is very important to an individual with prior offenses. In this case, there are two kinds of expungements:
• Cleaning of an individual’s criminal records
• Sealing of conviction information or arrest reports from State records and court files

It’s important to get your record clean for future employment, pursuing many professional licenses, being able to vote and just moving on with your life.

Under California Penal Code Section 1203.4, the court is authorized to expunge specific offenses when there was no state jail time served. When the court grants the order, the verdict or plea is set aside. However, if you are arrested again, it doesn’t get rid of the past conviction and can be brought up again in court. You may also be required to tell a state licensing agency of the conviction which can affect whether or not you may own or possess a gun.

Getting an expungement relies on what offense you were convicted of and then the sentence that you were given in court. Other factors do apply and it is important to get an attorney to help you through all the different circumstances.

The conviction of a felony requires another motion to be filed in court that will lower the offense to only a misdemeanor and then, after that, you may get the offense expunged.
Juvenile crimes can also be expunged and once granted the juvenile’s past will be behind them and not brought up again in court.

If you are seeking an expungement, contact our attorneys for experienced legal help in getting it granted. Having an expungement will help you with employment, voting and getting on with your future and our attorneys are ready to help you get a successful outcome to your case.

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