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Los Angeles Expunge Criminal Records Lawyers

Criminal Records Expungements in Los Angeles

Expungement is a legal method of having a personal criminal conviction sealed from public view and it is not always a simple process. Many specific criminal convictions do not even qualify for expungement, such as any conviction in a California court that also resulted in an incarceration term. While these crimes are not eligible for an expungement, they are eligible for receiving a certificate of rehabilitation, which can then often be helpful after having served a penitentiary term. Criminal histories can create a whole range of subsequent life problems for the convicted person, many times involving eligibility for government services and future gainful employment possibilities. It is a fact that the state of California is serious about crime prevention, including the social stigma attached from being a convicted felon. This is especially true for serious crimes or drug-related convictions, both of which are very common in Los Angeles. And, even when a case qualifies, there could still be other complications with expungement, including a subsequent conviction for any crime while waiting on an official expungement ruling.

Expungement for Cases Involving Minors
It is commonly understood that minors may have access to more expungement rights than adults. Criminal histories of minors are regularly expunged before they become an adult, but the process is not an automatic function of the court. The purpose of expungement for the defendant is to never have to act as though the conviction or charge ever occurred. For those under the age of 18, expunging a criminal conviction is very much like a fresh start publicly, but the court can still access the record for future use in subsequent criminal cases. Minors that have been convicted of a 707 (B) class of felony will not be eligible for expungement of these criminal convictions. All 707 (B) cases are very serious crimes often committed with use of a hand gun or other weapon, and very often they result in significant jail terms. Regardless of the conviction level, all minor convictions that are eligible for an expungement will still require a Los Angeles expungement attorney arguing your case to the court.

Misdemeanor Expungement
Most eligible expungements are usually misdemeanor cases that are prohibiting the convicted individual from acquiring well-paying employment. Certain industries actually cannot have employees with any criminal history, and an expungement means disclosing the information on a job application is not a requirement. When employers know about the incident beforehand, there is nothing prohibiting them from denying employment, but in most cases this is never an issue. This can be especially important for individuals who are professionally trained in certain high salary positions.

Felony Expungement
One of the most effective methods of expunging a record is petitioning the court for a class reduction of the crime. This can usually be done with low level felonies that do not result in incarceration when your expungement attorney can successfully represent your case to the court. Charge reduction is not always achievable after the fact, but felony convictions can still be eligible when borderline material case factors are present. Regardless of the level of the crime, all expungements follow certain qualification rules before the state can officially rule on the case sealing. All state databases update monthly and any expungement approval will automatically remove the case from public view after 30 days.

Regardless of the conviction level, all convictions that are eligible for an expungement will still require a Los Angeles expungement attorney arguing your case to the court. Even an expungement for a convicted minor is not an automatic approval, and your attorney can make a major difference in the case sealing even when there is a high possibility of an expungement.

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