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Los Angeles Embezzlement Lawyers

Los Angeles Embezzlement Lawyers

By definition under California Penal Code 503, the term Embezzlement refers to the deceitful seizing of another person’s property by a person who has been entrusted with said property. Other names are used interchangeably for the crime, including terms like stealing, larceny, misappropriation, and more, but the bottom line is that the crime involves the taking of money from either an employer or a company’s funds.

The two most common types of Embezzlement are:

  • Employee Theft
  • Employee Fraud

Under California law, the crime can be charged under:

  • Penal Code Section 503 (embezzlement);
  • Section 484 (petty theft);
  • OR Section 487 (grand theft)

Elements of Embezzlement

The crime of embezzlement differs slightly from regular theft, with the most notable of these differences being that in order for guilt to be established, it must first be proven that the property or money was in fact “entrusted” to the defendant, and therefore the defendant was in legal possession of and/or maintained the legal authority to access the said property or money.

At our Los Angeles Embezzlement Criminal Defense Firm, we see the following Embezzlement scenarios most frequently:

  • Stealing money from a store’s cash register
  • Stealing merchandise from a company warehouse
  • Transferring money that belongs in a company’s account and putting it into an employee’s personal account
  • Using company credit card for unwarranted personal purchases

For a prosecutor to secure a conviction of this crime, he or she must first prove that the following elements exist:

  • The defendant was entrusted with property or funds by the owner;
  • The owner chose to do so based on an understanding of trust between him or her and the defendant;
  • The defendant used or converted the property in a deceitful manner for his or her own personal benefit;
  • Thedefendant intentionally deprived the owner of the use of the property when he or she used or converted the property.

Penalties for Embezzlement

If you have been charged with this white collar crime, you should know that the potential penalties you face will depend largely on several factors, including the total amount of money or funds you are accused of embezzling, and your prior criminal history. You may be charged with either a misdemeanor or a felony, and face anywhere from six months in county jail to three years in state prison.

Under Penal Code 488, you will be charged with Petty Theft if the value of the money or property you allegedly embezzled is less than $950. If the value of the money or property you alledly embezzled is more than $950, you will be charged with Grand Theft under Penal Code 487.

Our Los Angeles Embezzlement Firm Will Build Your Defense

If you or someone you are close to has been accused of Embezzlement, we urge you to seek the assistance of a trusted and professional Los Angeles Embezzlement Attorney immediately. We also advise you to consult with a lawyer prior to speaking to law enforcement or anyone associated with the “owner” of the property or money you allegedly embezzled, if the circumstances allow you to do so. Our lawyers have vast experience sorting through the often complicated details of Embezzlement cases, and we will make it our top priority to provide you with the very best defense possible in order to protect your rights, honor, and liberty. Please, don’t wait to seek legal help. Contact our firm today to set up your free consultation and learn more about how to best proceed with your case.

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