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What Can a Lawyer Actually Do for Me on a Los Angeles DUI Charge?

When you have been arrested and charged with DUI in Los Angeles, it is advised you consult with an attorney before your court date. There are many drivers who simply want to put this episode behind them and plead guilty without an attorney at their side, then discover the punishment was far worse than they thought they were going to receive.

These are some of the things that a skilled Los Angeles DUI attorney can do regarding your pending case;

Reducing the DUI Charge to Reckless
Many drivers who have been arrested under suspicion of DUI feel they want to put the episode behind them, so they forgo getting an attorney and simply throw themselves at the mercy of the court. Judges in the Los Angeles area are growing impatient with the amount of DUI cases cluttering up the courts, and many times will hand down a severe sentence, more than most get with an attorney in similar situations. It just does not make sense to risk your financial future and your ability to earn by getting punished more harshly than need be.

Your Los Angeles DUI attorney will carefully analyze every aspect of your case and might uncover evidence that could reduce the charges if not have the case tossed. The price that you pay to hire a skilled DUI attorney could pale in comparison to the financial damage done by defending yourself. Your attorney could even plea-bargain on your behalf to get the case dropped to reckless driver, with far less penalties.

Negotiating to Get a Special Driver Permit
If you feel that you want to just take your medicine and plead guilty on the charge of DUI without an attorney, be sure you understand all the consequences you face. Not only will you be subjected to years of fines and penalties, your ability to earn a living could be negatively impacted when the judge takes away your driver’s license. When you make a living driving, you could have just ended your career and any possibility to ever get work in that field again.

One of the advantages to working with a professional Los Angeles DUI attorney is that they understand how to negotiate on your behalf to have your license reinstated. Regardless the severity of the case, your lawyer will draw upon experience to see if a special driver permit could be afforded to you in this case so that you still have the ability to drive only for the purpose of work.

Questioning the Actions of the Officer
When you decide to plead guilty to the charge of DUI, you are telling the judge and the court that you feel the arresting officer acted accordingly in your case. Without help, there is no way for you to defend yourself or question the actions the officer took, so you are in a sense just throwing yourself on the mercy of the court, and it will not end pleasantly for you. Your attorney has tried enough DUI cases to know that everyone, including officers, make mistakes from time to time. Your attorney will request a copy of the video taken during your arrest, and analyze it carefully to ensure your rights were upheld.

When your attorney has issues with the way the officer acted, they can cross-examine them in the court. Your attorney may have issue with one of the field tests that were used during your arrest. Your attorney may want to know why one test was chosen over another, and if the officer does not provide adequate responses, your attorney can ask for the evidence in the case to be removed and the charges dropped.

Proving the Testing Equipment was Faulty
Try defending yourself in a DUI case and convince the Los Angeles judge you think the equipment used to show your level of sobriety was wrong. Without an attorney in your corner, you could never prove the equipment was not operating improperly. Your DUI lawyer does have experience with all sorts of breathalyzers, and can bring into question whether the device was not working or the officer administering the test made a mistake. Your attorney will identify the equipment used, and scour countless court records to see if this device has a history of providing false numbers.

Then your lawyer will check the history of the officer to see if they have a record of not operating the equipment correctly and see if perhaps they did not calibrate the device correctly before the test was given. It only takes one mistake for the attorney to request the case dismissed in your favor.

As you can see, your Los Angeles DUI attorney has the court room experience to negotiate on your behalf for a more favorable outcome or to possibly get the case dismissed altogether.

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