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Murder Charges

Client accused of murdering his girlfriend

Our client was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend. We were able to get charges dismissed due to lack of evidence after our team did a comprehensive investigation.

Los Angeles DUI Expert Witnesses

When you are launching a serious defense on behalf of the client who is facing driving under the influence of intoxications charges, it is imperative to call upon numerous DUI witnesses to provide you with the necessary DUI witness and declared reports. In this case, it is also imperative to have testimonies or interviews in a court system. While most of these witnesses are percipient witnesses, they can testify directly in court because they were present during the occurrence of the accident. I this case, they carry first-hand information because the observed or heard. Moreover, an expert witness can also be called to take care of this adjustment. They will provide legal advice regarding many other subjects in court. Because the DUI cases require complex scientific facts, they it is imperative to be backed up with an expert witness to offer a defense. In many occasions, the huge difference in the outcome of the case can be determined by having the expert opinion.

The Evidence Code of California defines the expert witness as the person who has the special capability, knowledge, skill, education, training, and learning sufficient to brand him as an expert on the subject matter in question. With the DUI criminal cases, the experts can be accepted to issue their testimony on many subjects that show why the defendant was not driving under the influence of intoxication even when the BAC level was higher than 0.08 percent. Both the defense and prosecution can bring out their expert witness in court. For both sides, they will get a chance to question any evidence put aboard by the expert.

Defense lawyers, in most cases, will use the toxicology experts to testify on many of their expert subjects. For most of these experts, they have a rich experience working with the county or state to have an in-depth understanding of the blood and breath tests. The toxicology expert will also issue their testimony regarding the blood or breathe tests results while he was driving. This is also a critical part of the system because the defendant will also show why the defendant had a BAC level as recorded. They can also offer their testimony regarding the testing and withdrawal of blood samples. Moreover, they will also work on the accuracy levels of the results during the DMV administrative and criminal trial hearings, the expert witness testimony is very imperative.

When the DUI defendants cause accidents that lead to death an accident reconstruction expert can be called to offer the necessary witness. These expert witnesses have many years of experience working with law enforcement agencies and the CHP. For this reason, they can analyze the scene of an accident and determine the possible causes of the accident. For this reason, they will also state the possible causes of the collision. In many occasion, the accident is unavoidable. For this reason, the defendants’ impairment may not have been responsible for this accident. Having expert testimony in such cases is crucial.

In most cases, a medical expert can be called in by the defense to testify concerning many subjects. The defendant may suffer from some conditions that can be misinterpreted as intoxication. For instance, defendants who have diabetes often exhibit intoxication signs during the breath and blood tests as a result of the increased levels of ketones in the blood. For this reason, a medical examiner will offer the necessary legal experience.

If you are convicted with a DUI criminal case, be sure to contact an experienced legal practitioner in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Law Firm has a wide range of experienced legal representatives with enough experience to help you win your case. Please contact us to schedule a consultation session.

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