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Murder Charges

Client accused of murdering his girlfriend

Our client was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend. We were able to get charges dismissed due to lack of evidence after our team did a comprehensive investigation.

Los Angeles DUI Education Classes

When you go to court for a DUI charge, the judge could order that you attend DUI education classes instead of going to jail or being placed on probation. Even if you are put on probation, you could still be required to take the classes so that you get a better understanding of how drinking or using other illegal substances can affect the way that you drive. You’ll also learn about the legal consequences that you could face if you are charged again with a DUI. These classes sometimes replace fines that would need to be paid and even a suspended license. If the driving privileges have been revoked, then taking the classes could be the first step in getting the license reinstated.

For those who are convicted of a DUI in Los Angeles, a part of any kind of probation includes taking educational classes. If someone doesn’t complete a class, then a warrant could be issued for the arrest of that person. There could also be a violation of probation filed if the person doesn’t complete the classes. If a warrant or violation is filed, then the likelihood of getting the license reinstated is slim to none.

There are several types of classes that are offered depending on how many charges the person has had in the past and the type of substance that is involved with the charge. A minimal charge would often require a class that takes place over 12 hours. There are 3-month programs as well as programs that last up to 30 months. A shorter program is usually set aside for those who haven’t received a DUI charge in the past or for those who are caught speeding. Low blood alcohol content levels also fall into this category. Most of the classes take place on a weekly basis and last for about two hours at a time. Classes are taught by someone who has been authorized by the state to conduct the courses. While most classes will satisfy the requirements of the court, there are sometimes other considerations that the DMV will require to be completed before the final steps of getting the license reinstated can be fulfilled.

As the blood alcohol content levels increase and the number of charges that the person has had or that the person is facing increase, the length of time for the classes that the person is required to take will increase. At times, taking the classes could mean getting restricted driving privileges reinstated with full privileges after the class is completed. Group and individual counseling is often a part of the longer sessions. As with the class hours, the number of hours involved with counseling and group sessions will increase as the length of time for the course increases. The 30-month program involves 12 hours of classwork, 78 hours of counseling and 300 hours of community service or interviews to monitor the behavior of the individual.

There is a certain number of sessions that the person can miss, but if that number is exceeded, then the person will be removed from the program. If the person is charged in the state of California but lives in another state, then the judge can order a similar class to be taken in the home state. A Los Angeles DUI attorney can help with setting up the classes that need to be taken and completing the paperwork required to get the license reinstated for the individual.

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