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Los Angeles DUI Driving Conduct

If you are driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs in Los Angeles cases, the important part of the prosecution case is the defendant’s driving conduct. While most of the people charged with driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol tend to focus on the performance of the sobriety tests and the chemical test results, experienced legal prosecutors have a better understanding of the evidence in bad driving when it is presented in court to the jury or judge.

Before the officer pulls over the vehicle, the law requires that he or she must have reasonable proof that the driver of the vehicle violated the law. If the vehicle was stopped without any reasonable cause in the law, the defendant might gather all evidence to have the vehicle stopped from pulling over. For this reason, the result will be that the case will be dismissed.

Usually, the reason for the officer to pull over the vehicle would be a result of an observed violation of the California Vehicle Code. The evidence of this system will be a result of the unlawful vehicle conduct that determines the good misses in the law. Let’s look at the following driving conducts that police cite as DUI cases.

1. Speeding
A defendant would be pulled over as a result of citing speed. However, the National Transport and Safety Administration has studies conducted regarding the driving conduct that is associated with impairment. In this case, they determined that there isn’t any real correlation between speeding and impairment.

Prosecutors and judges, despite what is said by the NTSA, often get trouble by the DUI offenders traveling at dangerous and reckless speed. Under the California Vehicle Code, anyone traveling in the excess speed of 20 mph over the speed limit on a public road or 30 mph on a highway under the influence of alcohol or drugs can face speed enhancement charges. You will also get an addition of more than 60 days on the speed enhancement charges regardless of the sentence.

2. Weaving
Weaving is one of the most prominent driving conduct cases in the country. Most of these vehicles travel in a serpentine manner because they don’t stay in one lane.

While weaving is majorly associated with impaired driving, this conduct is not always related to drunk driving symptoms. In many occasions, someone’s normal driving pattern can be confused for weaving. It is always not usual to make vehicle adjustments within a single lane. You cannot be stopped if you cross from one lane to another when driving as a case. In this case, it is not reason enough to be pulled over by the police.

Many mechanical issues can be causes of weaving. They include the improper wheel alignment, bent tie nodes, faulty steering, underinflated tires, and vehicle suspension problems. Law enforcement agencies equip their vehicles with devices that record traffic stops. These recordings are also critical to record the manner of weaving used by the driver.

3. Difficulty pulling over
In many reports about DUI, police will describe the driver either pulling over in an awkward manner or fail to turn in the right way. A prosecutor or officer may view this as further evidence of impairment.

However, some drivers become nervous when pulled over by the police. The driver may not notice flashy police lights behind him, especially during the day. The nervous driver can pull over in awkward positions.

If you have been prosecuted for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, it’s imperative to seek the assistance of a qualified attorney. The Los Angeles DUI Lawyers have over two decades of experience in representing DUI criminals.

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