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Los Angeles DUI Demographics

Driving under the Influence of alcohol or any other form of intoxication is perhaps the most common offense charged by Los Angeles prosecutors today. Since this is a crime that cuts across a broad demographic of society, law enforcement agencies in Los Angeles have been forced to increase their DUI enforcement efforts. Officers often receive specialized training in investigating various DUI offenses, especially during holidays and weekends. Additionally, both police officers and prosecutors are placed on high alert to arrest and prosecute DUI offenders regardless of their age.

Since DUI offenses cut across the Los Angeles demographic, defendants’ ages can affect how their DUI cases are treated. This is because, often, age-specific issues arise when investigating and prosecuting these cases. Los Angeles DUI lawyers have also been forced to get acquainted with the different ways that prosecutors handle these cases.

Drivers below 21 Years of Age

Driver below 21 years old caught driving under the influence tend to receive harsher punishments since they have not yet reached the legal drinking age. Therefore, as a consequence, drivers in this age bracket who are caught in DUI cases attract a one-year suspension of their driving privileges from the area’s Department of Motor Vehicles if their blood alcohol content was over 0.01 percent. What’s more, during their year-long suspension, the affected driver would not be eligible for a restricted license.

On top of the suspension, judges and prosecutors alike tend to take a keen interest and are gravely concerned when drivers under 21 years old commit DUI offenses. As a result, upon their conviction, judges may impose additional conditions of their probation to ensure that the concerned party learns a lesson. This will include learning about the different dangers of impaired driving by taking mandatory alcohol and drug education classes.

Furthermore, the judge may demand that the drivers finish the Hospital and Morgue program. This involves them visiting local morgues and emergency rooms to witness firsthand the effects and dangers of DUI accidents. The drivers may also be required to attend the MADD Victim Impact Panel to interact with people who have lost loved ones to drunk drivers.

Drivers between 21 and 40 Years Old

Drivers who fall under this age bracket make up the majority of DUI offense arrests in Los Angeles. Because of their notoriety and frequency of arrests, drivers in this age bracket are unfairly targeted by police officers especially during holidays, weekends or late at night.

Drivers between 40 and 60 Years Old

Drivers who fall in this age bracket are considered highly experienced drinkers, and as a result, they may not realize how intoxicated there are while driving. Since they are highly experienced drivers, police officers rarely pull them over for random testing or traffic and equipment violation. Instead, they are usually stopped at DUI sobriety checkpoints. These drivers may have difficulties when taking field sobriety tests. They may also be affected by one or more medical issues that affect their chemical testing process.

Drivers Over 60 Years Old

People over 60 years old fall under the demographic of drivers charged with DUI offenses in Los Angeles. Many of these drivers may be taking medication that hampers their ability to operate motor vehicles safely. They may also have mixed their prescription medication with alcohol before getting behind the wheel. Others suffer from various physical disabilities that would affect their field sobriety tests.

Los Angeles DUI attorneys should not only understand and appreciate the different DUI demographics but also anticipate them. This allows them to come up with valid legal defenses for their clients. Once you have been arrested for any DUI-related incident, it is advisable to talk to an experienced Los Angeles DUI attorney immediately.

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